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Nov 2, 2010
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Hiya folks,

Been browsing on the forum for a few months now.. picked up lots of tips.

Started a manicure (no, not mani & pedi, they took pedi out, too many people didn't like feet) course in September, and moving on to an artifitial nail course in Jan, with my local college. I'm already qualified in holistic theripies (vtct - relflexology + advanced techniques, A+P, Stress management, Indian head massage, body massage, remedial massage and aromatherapy)

I found it difficult to start up as a mobile therapist, understandably, as why would you invite a stranger into your home and then get naked, or even just get your feet out for them... so I have decided to used my love of nails, nail art and nail polish, to build up a fuller service, and also client base, then introduce them to my other treatments. Build up trust if you like. =]

Anyhow, I have a few questions;

I just bought some China Glaze polishes, (31 of them.. soo pretty I'm in love, only 300 or so to go.. ) I eventually want to work with CND, and already use the Sticky and Super shiny as my base and top coat.

To use their, or any brand, do i have to have been trained by them..

I suspect for the artificial nails, i have to do the *cross over* retraining course they offer, Which i dont mind, actually find it an exciting idea but do i need to wait to have the training to get, and use the products?

should i ditch the artificial college course, and just start with the CND course?

And on a china glaze note; Which colours do you use for a french manicure?

Thank you!
Hi there and welcome to the forum, I too am from fife, so a fellow fifer here lol, My advice would be, if you are going to convert to cnd after doing a college course, is just to go ahead and do your foundation course with cnd, I am not sure what college it is you are attending, but after researching I found b far to get the best education you are better learning from experts in that particular field, and as I am sure you have found out they have an exelent reputation, and just across the bridhe from us, really easy to drive to the fingertips centre, I personally didn't train with them but have heard lots of fantastic things about them, and am sure others will advise you of the same. To vreate an account you have to have a manicure qualification, you should gice them a call and they will send out all relevent info for you, best of luck!! hth xx ruth

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