New client came with bacterial infection advice pls


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Oct 22, 2003
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West yorkshire
Hi all,

Just wanted abit of advice please.
I just had a new client coming from another nail technician, the client has natural nail overlays and has for years. Anyway with her old technician she had her overlays done- then 2 weeks later had a buff and tidy and 2 weeks after that a rebalance.
Anyway the problem is when I buffed and tidy her nails she had what I think was a a bacterial infection on a 3 of her nails and oncylosis aswell on 2 of those.
I really want to help this lovely lady out and as far as I'm aware (although please correct me if I'm wrong)it is ok to reapply acrylic if they have a bacterial infection as long as you prep/sanitise correctly and keep an eye on it etc. But Im just abit concerned about the oncylosis+bacterial infection together and don't wont to make it worse. ie- is the oncylosis causing the infection because there is no protection, because the hyponychuim is broken? If so what can I do to help with this? What advice would you give me as a technician and what advice would you give to the client?

any advice would be appreciated, Thanks
Hiya x

I would make the nail as short as possible and then overlay again. Its a long process waiting the for nail to reattach and the stain to grow out but if its kept short then the risk of catching it and making it worse is reduced.

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Ok here are your scenarios -

1) Onycholysis with bacterial infection on the nail plate itself. Most likely from fill lines or lifting etc. When the infection is on the plate you can safely reapply as long as you use through preperation (and remember to use a sanitising product - such as scrub fresh)

2) Onycholysis with a secondary infection (bacteria is under the nail plate) - In this case I would be more inclined to shorten the nails right down to the finger tip and get the client to keep a very close eye on the colour of the infection. She may also need to get a sanitiser herself to help reduce the infection. However if the infection becomes worse she should seek medical advice. I'd personally be more inclined to worry about the onycholysis as Ange pointed out..
Thanks ladies,

Yeah thats what I'm concerned about the 2 together. When I discuss the nail seperation and marks with her she didnt seem that concerned and from what I gartherd nothing had been said to her previously by her previous nail tech ( we all know what new clients can be like when they have have been with the same nail tech for years and then try someone new) So I just want to make sure Im giving/doing the correct thing!
Regarding santitising what would you recommend for her - cool blue etc

Thanks for both your reply's

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