New client packs


does anyone do welcome packs for new clients? ie. a folder with your business card, facial samples, website info etc


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I certainly do!

Mine has a welcome letter, recommend a friend flyer, loyalty card, 3 price lists to give to friends, 3 business cards, retail price list, a fridge magnet (free from vista print) and a key ring!!!

My clients love them, the fridge magnet and keyring are probably the things that bring me the most re-bookings.... They are under the clients nose all of the time.

I pay about £20 for 200 keyrings from ebay, and print my own inlays. It's all a bit extra effort and work, but it's working for me, and sets me apart from other salons in the area.....


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Wow, this is something I hadn't even thought of!

Would you say it definitely increases your clients? Rebookings and new ones etc?

How do you package it all? Oh, and are loyalty cards worth it?


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It works for me!

I do all my own printing anyway, I print my logo on a C5 envelope and it all goes in there, It cost's me about £1.50 per client... Obviously, enhancement clients generally come back anyway (if we do a good job, lol!) but for the occasional client, holidays, weddings, parties, it just keeps my business name in the front of their mind....

It all just makes them feel a little bit special.....

For my loyatly cards, they get a stamp if their appt is over 25TL (sorry working in Lira, here!) so they don't get stamps for the odd repair or whatever, when they have 10 stamps, they get a free SpaPedi or SpaMani. These are quite high on my price list compared to other treatments, and some clients think "not gonna pay that much for a Pedicure!) so what I find, is that once they've had their free one, and realise how fantastic it is, they then start booking in for them too, so it's a win win situation for me :green:

I wouldn't give a free rebalance or whatever tho, they need one of those... they're gonna pay for one of those... why give it away! Use the opportunity to introduce them to something new!

HTH :hug:

I must get this organised it sounds really good. I was going to use a a5 folder from tesco's you know them coloured ones which closes with a push button, would that be ok to use?


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Yeah, course, but I think it's a bit expensive....

As I only do nails, I don't really have any mega cheap treatments, but if you do the likes of, for example eyebrow shaping, then I think that giving them a posh plastic folder, would eat into your profits a bit much.... maybe not, something to think about though!

If you can set up your printer to print your logo on an envelope of whatever size suits you, you can buy them in bulk from the local stationers, and if done well can look just as professional at a fraction of the cost :green:

i thought of that as well and you get 5 folders for 95p so i dont think its that dear really. i just dont have the brains to be printing on envelopes, im a bit dumb when it comes to that :)

what do you include in the welcome letter?


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I dont's bamboozle them with too much info, the flyers etc that I put in, explain things in full detail.

Also forgot to mention, I put and aftercare leaflet in too!


[FONT=&quot]Hello and welcome to Topaz Nail Design.[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot][/FONT]This pack will tell you a little more about myself , the products I use, how to look after your nails and also details of my current promotions.
[FONT=&quot][/FONT]Recommend a friend - I've popped a few of my cards with your unique client number on to get you started, just let me know if you need more.
[FONT=&quot][/FONT]Client loyalty scheme - I have enclosed your loyalty card so you can start collecting stamps straight away!
[FONT=&quot][/FONT]I have also included a couple of my price lists that you may wish to give to friends when giving them my card.
[FONT=&quot][/FONT]Kind Regards


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I'm sure your printer would have a wizard of some sort to help with the printing on envelopes.

I'm loving this idea! Need to start off as inexpensive as I can, and as I'll be doing my own printing then that's even better.

If you don't mind me asking, how do you do your loyalty cards? Also where on earth do you get a stamp from for such a small area lol

You are full of great ideas!!


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Yep, all the printers now install a wizard for envelope printing, you might waste one or two at first, but once you're going, you're going, lol!

My loyalty cards are 1/8th of an A4... so 4 down 2 across, I bought a decent paper cutter, that does folding n perforations etc, (only bout £50 from staples)

My stamp is a self inking one with my logo that I got off ebay for bout a tenner lol!


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Ooh just found some lol

Is it easy to create the loyalty card? I'm assuming you use Word or something to do this?


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I use Microsoft Publisher for all of my printing.. If you have Office you should have that. Word is too restrictive, with publisher, you can place text exactly where you want.

If you can't get the hang of it straight away, then, buy a book. I created my whole website after buying "frontpage for dummies" and I know they do one for publisher.

If you have publisher, know how to use it, and a decent printer, you'll be fine hun!


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Brilliant, thanks. Will have a play tomorrow!


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If you do wanna bet a book, which I would recommend, cos you find out loads of cool things you didn't know you could do.... Amazon often has second hand ones for pennies x

Well who say's 'You can't teach an old dog new tricks', this is a great idea and think I will use it myself. Thanks for such a great thread, do you have any other great ideas? :hug::green:

i thought of that as well and you get 5 folders for 95p so i dont think its that dear really. i just dont have the brains to be printing on envelopes, im a bit dumb when it comes to that :)

Tesco will have 3 for 2 on stationary now as its back to school prep time! so you might indeed be able to do it all cheaper


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Wow this is a FANTASTIC thread! :)

What a brilliant idea, I am seriously thinking about doing this too.
I dont do loyalty cards or refere a friend schemes so what else could I include in a welcome pack?
So far I could include;
business card,
business card fridge magnet,
& maybe get some pens made

If anyone finds anywhere that do the A5 folders that work out cheaper please post on here, I will have a little google to see if anywhere sells them in bulk. x:hug:x

Blue Rose

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Depends on how much you want to spend on your new client goodie bags or you could put more in for those who spend more but other items could include:

lollipop/wrapped sweet
individual chocolate
tea bags (a lot of them come in individual envelopes)
skincare samples
a little guest soap or small sachet of bath salts or small bath bomb

That's all I can think of atm


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Thanks Sarah, some great ideas there, I love them all!
The newsletter is a fantastic idea too as I am soon am going to be sending email newslettters, so I could print of some of each months to include :) x
Just thought of another one - personalised lip balms, with logo/number on!


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I like this idea lots too !
I sometimes find there is sooooo much to talk about with new clients, and all the treatments I do, I sometimes stop because I don't want them to think I am doing a hard sell.
So this would be perfect to include a bit of information about the services I offer, and what for.
And possibly include some retail information leaflets too,

Plus sometimes I get chatting a little toooooooo much with some of my clients, and forget price lists and stuff, so yep I like this idea very much, thankyou for sharing.