New competitor did a home course? Are they any good?


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Jun 9, 2010
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I've caught wind if a new girl that's going to be doing nails in a hair salon.
I live in a small town so this is a bum. But she done a home learning course and she has never showed any certificates yet.

I heard she also took 3.5 hours to do a set of White tips ( not sculpting)

Are the home learning courses any good?
I'm not to worried as I am conident in what I do and I'm going on a conversion course to CND which I a great well know product I've heard it's the best on the Market ( do you agree?)

It's a bum because our names are VERY similar so if she does a crap job and people gets our names mixed up that's not good for me.

Sorry fr rambling on
Any advice please?? X
First thing is first....display your certificates proudly!! They show that you take your trade seriously and have done your training. If ladies come to you and their friends go to her this will be noticed. When asked how you learned/got into the nail industry don''t hesitate to answer as you educate your clients this way one person at a time. And if you are confident in you abilities as a tech and it sounds like you are then it won't matter how good or bad the competition is as your confidence will shine though in your work. If you are worried about name confusion think about creating a fun name to call your business that sets you apart from all competition, use it on business cards and signage and you create an identity for your self that cannot be confused with anyone else.

Keep on keepin on and your career will continue to flourish and besides competition can be healthy as it keeps us on our toes and striving to push ourselves to be the best that we can :)
Thankyou for your reply.
Yeh I'm gonna have my certificates along one wall. I don't know what products offer home courses tho the only one I can think of is essential nails. Do you know of any one who done a home course xx
There are lots of girls who have started out this way and who have gone on to be excellent techs, who do take their work seriously. If your work is good and you have a good relationship with your clients no one will get you mixed up with the other girl so stop worrying about that and concentrate on building that business.

You are always going to get new salons etc pop up near you, techs working mobile etc. I would worry more if it was a highly experienced CND tech who had just moved into the area! :green:
Think of it this way: how many coffee shops are there down your high street and they all thrive?

I agree with what everyone else has said about names and the courses. I can understand your concern but once you get over the initial surprise I think you will feel better about it all.

Caroline :hug:
Yeah thanx every one. I'm doing my cnd conversion course so I am gonna be that good CND tech to be scared about hahahaha it's the way to think tho xxx

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