New lifting on an old client


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Jan 27, 2007
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I posted a question a little while ago about one of my clients who had suddenly started to get get severe lifting after starting to use large quantities of gel cleanser at work.

Well the general consensus was that it wasn't the gel and I think you're all right!:D She says she has significantly reduced the amount she uses yet the lifting is still happening.

I bought some nail fresh so at the last 2 reballances I applied that, waited for it to dry and the applied scrubfresh again. But the lifting is still happening. And it's not just a little but most of zone 3!:(

I also do her mums nails and she isn't getting any lifting at all so in theory it shouldn't be my prep or application but I am totally stumped.

I have asked her all about changes in diet, medications, illness, shampoo, soap, shower gel etc etc. She says nothing has changed.

I have searched lots of the other links for lifting but I really need some advice and suggestions please.
sorry but i had a lady like this, been with me for two yrs and no probs

then all of a sudden she had lifting badly,
we couldnt understand it,

she kept saying, its not as if im doing much at home, with my nanny being ill in hopspital, im there with her, more than im at home,

i said maybe it was the hand gel cleanser that she had to use everytime she went on the ward,

sadly her nanny died, and she stopped the hospital visits and her nails havent lifted since!
just a thought?
i'd be checking the ingredients in the hand gel, many of them are just thickened alcohol, maybe it has some lanolin in it also. Just a suggestion.
in april last year I gave birth to my baby 5 weeks early and he was in special are for 4 weeks. Anyway i never normally get lifting but just before I had him I had done myself a lovely new set of nails and within a week of having him they had lifted badly and I had a few cracks in them..... the only thing I could put it down to was the gel hand cleanser ..... We hand to clean our hands with it 5 times before we got into the special care unit and everytime we went to touch baby aswell which was brilliant for baby but nt nails also on the bottles it did say avoid polished surfaces and plastics as it is alcohol based. I'

I've also got a few clients that have been visiting people in hospital and theirs do exactly the same thing.
Same here!
The frequent visitors to the hospitals or the germ-a-phobes who constantly use hand sanitizers alway seem to do this.
I tell the ones I have, cut down on the sanitizers or pay more for your fills.
That makes up their minds quickly!

My Nails Rock!
Hi, I'm new here. I have only been doing nails for 9 months mostly friends and family. I have set up my own salon in my garden, its been going well but the last few ladies I had before Xmashave all had really bad lifting! Its been driving me mad trying to work out what it was, I wondered if it was the weather or just me. I have just read this thread and now wondering if it was the same one was a dental nurse and another runs a cattery, this now makes sense. I use acrylic would the same thing happen to Gel as well?

Thankyou for all your comments guys.

Well she came in today for her r/b and she thinks she knows what it is.

Apparently after her last r/b her nails were fine while she was off work, but when she returned to work and using the cleansing sprays she said by the next morning there was lifting. So she's going to wear gloves whilst doing that particular job from now on so hopefully by her next appointment I will see a difference.

The lifting was so bad today that I ended up soaking off 6 and starting from scratch!:rolleyes:
Does that mean the new trend of the little gel like bottles of "waterless" hand sanitizers/washers are probably not a good idea with acrylics?
Does that mean the new trend of the little gel like bottles of "waterless" hand sanitizers/washers are probably not a good idea with acrylics?

I use cool blue and have done since i started with no problems at all.....i "think" maybe the hospital stuff contains something stronger ???

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