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Jun 1, 2013
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My boyfriend is in the process of designing a logo for my hair extensions business and I wanted some second opinions. I got a bit of a mixed bag of reactions on facebook so I thought I'd ask some of you geeks as well :)


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I couldn't even work out what it was supposed to be until I saw the 3 coloured one. Not going to grab people's attention if they are baffled by what they are looking at.

Keep going and it may turn into something wonderful but it doesn't grab me & say hair extensions at the minute.
I didn't know what the image was until last pic
It's clever but I doubt many people will get it. Maybe change the colours x
Thanks it's great to get feed back from all you professionals. It's a work in progress at the moment, my boyfriend is about as clued up on hair extensions as I am on graphic design but we'll get there. :D
I really like it!

The only thing is there's a sharp/square edge where the hair starts to fall which is catching my eye. Apart from that I like it a lot :)
I really like it!

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I like the last one too... It's clean and modern :). And yes some people may not immediately 'get it' but that makes it even more interesting.
My business is called 'Angelish' ( my name is Angie and my main brand of Gel Polish is 'Gelish') and whilst at first my ladies don't immediately get it, they sure do once they've visited.... Which makes me even more memorable to them and their friends :). So actually, it's quite good to keep people guessing. X
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I like the last one couldn't work out the first ones xx.
i didn't get it straight away, but when i did i thought it was great!
I love the last one and first one... Maybe the first one where the outline is have it a thin pink line or colour of your choice .. but do agree the top needs rounded off a bit more at the sides it's a very sharp drop down..

A logo doesn't have to make sense ( although this one does just needs a bit of thinking to it ).. Think of all the nail technicians on here with butterflies for a logo.. Or there's an electricians my uncle works for and they have 4 coloured boxes for a logo ... So I wouldn't worry about people not getting it straight away ... When they do it will just make them go 'ahhhhh that's clever !' and they will remember it!xx
I like the last one because as someone said before it wasn't until I got to the fourth one I realised what was looking at. I would probably use a different colour though but that's just personal preference Xxx
Fourth one Hun xxx
Let's see it with the business name. I think that'll solve the issue with it not being "obvious".

That it's not obvious isn't actually a problem as far as I'm concerned- we need to remember the logo will often be in context- i.e. on a website, on a business card etc. it'll rarely be in isolation.

I always use this comparison- but Apple (and their little apple icon) are rarely mistaken for a greengrocers are they?

A logo is a sales-tool. Nothing more. It's to communicate your "brand", to help you get noticed and then get remembered.

That said, you need to "mirror" what you see as your average client. Think about what they might want to see as opposed to brand creation being a vanity project.

As for the design itself, I like it- and I know it's an image of a womans head, but I think it's using masculine colours and seems almost like an IT logo to me. I'd have a go at feminising it personally :)
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Thanks for all your help, all this feedback is so helpful. :)

We are currently working on a slightly different idea so I'll put this up and put the name underneath as well. I was just a bit concerned that people wouldn't think it was fitting enough for a hair business. I'm only doing extensions at the moment but when I've passed my exams I hope to offer all hair services so I don't want to make an image that's too specific. :D
I didn't get it til I saw the last one! though initially it was something to do with pregnancy sorry! personally I don't think you need the boarder all the way round, chop out the darker line on the open side of the face, but clever anyway, IM paying to have mine done, don't have a clue on this sort of thing!
Really like the last one :D clever x
I really like the last one too!

Very clever...will look great on business cards etc!
Thank you so much :) I'm thinking of using the last one but with different colours. However my boyfriend has just shown me a new idea he's been working on since we got the first responses and I really like it! As soon as its finished I'll upload it. I'm really torn now :D
This is my boyfriends second design and I really like this one :)


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