New nail art in my web site from Mui


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Jul 27, 2003
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Sawasdee ka

For any young girl that is start nail art we have put new nail art in my web site in gallery 1 page 7 and 8 is all new and we think this page 8 is our best flower nail art that we can do for now .

Only about 7 month ago we were only painting stripe we are happy we have learned a lot :) .

In step by steps last half of page 3 is new we will do a new 25 new steps by steps next week because we have some young thai girls in Bangkok do some of our design Nail Art .

Mui from Thailand
They look fabulous Mui :lol:

I don't know which one to try to copy first ;) x
Wonderful nail art as always, Mui. :biggrin: I'll be sure to come to your salon for some nail art when we visit Phuket next year.
These a really good mui have printed some off to try to copy lol i'm useless at nail art
sequinto said:
These a really good mui have printed some off to try to copy lol i'm useless at nail art
Wow!! I love the flowers. You do extremely detailed work!! Outstanding!
love your nail art its fab xx
Mui - Loved your website - excellent nail art (wow!) and I also loved all those exotic pictures of beautiful beaches. Oh I wish I could transport myself there, particularly when the weather is so dreary here.
Hi Mui,

Just had a look at your site. I loved it! There are lots of different things to look at which is good because it keeps people interested! The new nail art page is great! You can tell that the quality of the work is top standard because there is such detail envolved! I also enjoyed your photo album, especially the photos of the surrounding beaches. And your son! He is adorable:green: Salon looks great as well, you must have put alot of hard work into it! Keep up the good work!

P.S. Also feel the same as NailNovice2. I would love to be on one of those beaches right now! The rain has been hammering down here for the last few days!

Take care ***
i had a look at your site Mui
you art is fab- im v impressed:)
Love the additions Mui, Were these done at your salon? They are fab
Hi Mui
As you no longer can be contacted via PM or Email
How can I order from your web site
Loved your site but need info as to how to order,
prices postage and how to pay do you accept paypal etc.
Many thanks
Jill :cry:
Sawasdee ka

Thank you about the nail art yes they are all paint in my beauty salon but nearly all this nail art are paint by ple she is my sister she is 18 and she now do nail art for about 6 month she never go to nail art school just look magazine .

I am now very busy not doing nail art i am trying now to make some buissness with asian nail art product on the 16 this month to 20 this month i will go look many new asian nail art products we have test many and they are very very good we have over 300 new nail art products to look at from japan korea and china .

My email address is the same [email protected]

Today i have open [email protected]

We do not have paypal we will have the system will be on my website tomorrow it is secure online payment .

I try now to get everything good but we will not be very good for about an other 1 month and then we can show you many many thing :)

free post and packing and products very good and not expensive this is for sure :cool:
Beautiful work and I'm impressed by the quality of your photos too!
wow - what beautiful work Mui - and your site looks great:)

Beautiful as ever Mui,

Nice to see you back, we can all learn so much from you, and it is very kind of you to share your skills
As always Mui they are lovely, you work is so inspiring

thanks for sharing it


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