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Jul 26, 2003
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Hi guys

Eight weeks ago I started renting a room within a hair and beauty salon just doing nail enhancements (the salon already does manicure/pedicure so I can't perform these treatments).

I have covered the rent for seven out of the eight weeks but have made little else in the way of profit, is this about right for the amount of time I've been there? or should I think about relocating to somewhere where I can do more treatments?

At the moment I'm sitting around the salon most of the time and I'm getting really frustrated.

The service that I provide is a good standard and people who have had new nails all leave the salon pleased so I don't think that is the problem,
I've advertised by leaflet drop though I didn't find this to be very successful, more clients have come from the Yellow Pages (the salon already advertised acrylic nails as part of their service)

Do you think I should stick it out longer at this salon, I do like working there and the girls are great company, or should I maybe start thinking of an alternative? I'm now really, really skint :(

I'd love to hear your opinions


P.S. GOOD LUCK AT EXCEL RUTH & FAYE, wish I could be there.
(Maybe I will if I get a busload of clients in next week and earn a decent wage! lol)
Hi Karen,

I don't know much about the time scales as I have only been out 'on my own' for a couple of weeks, but I agree with what you say about leaflets. I have delivered (oh my feet!) hundreds in my area but found nearly ALL my work comes from word of mouth.

Best of luck to you and I know the skint feeling well .....

Dee xx
Hi Karen
Hang on in takes a while for word to get around.
The clients nails you are doing is your best form of advertising it says it all.
Have you thought about doing a little promotional thing.
When I started mobile it was slow but it does build up beleive me :D All the best of luck to you
Take care Dawnie
Hi Karen,
Although I'm mobile,when I started things were pretty slow to build up for at least a year. Then I decided to offer FREE nail art with each full set.
I did this in the run up to xmas and advertised in the local paper.

I was inundated and couldn't keep up. Obviously it dropped off a bit after xmas as there are always people who have nails for occasions. That said I have still got a number of clients from that initial incentive and its four years later.

I have found with nail art that it gets your enhancements noticed much more than the enhancement on its own merits. This is totally wrong of course. The work you do underneath is much more important. Nail art gets people talking and word of mouth is how it works.

If you give it a try let me know how it goes.

Good luck and stick with it, all will come good in the end.
How true! :D

The lads who I work with are sending me out as often as possible to hand out my price lists in the street. The thing is most of the people in that area are regular shoppers and so now I think it is a bit pointless. :(

Also my price lists were expensive to make, and they are very professional, so I don't want to waste them handing them out to people in the street because I need to have them for customers who come in and enquire. :? The problem with handing them out in the street is that they mainly end up in the bottom of somebodys bag, or in the bin. :(

They keep telling me that the space isn't earning the money they want it to, and for alot of the time I am sat there doing nothing as well. :(
I have now been there since May and they still haven't sorted out my contract. :evil:

Gigi says though that July through to September is a quiet period, so hopefully it will pick up soon. :)

I have been promoting my services today, I am giving clients15% dicount on the nail services. If they are a client of my hairdressers( where i am working ) they get 20% discount.

All the hairdressers mention my service to all their clients, also they put my leaflets in bags for when customers buy hair products.

I have been handing out leaflets to pubs clubs banks and shops. I have not been handing them out in the st cos people just bin them.

Also i have got an ad in the local paper going out too.

I hope this works and i hope it works out for you too...

Cazza :D :D :D
Hi again

why dont you ask your collegues to put your leaflets in bags when customers buy products!!

Good luck :D :D
Hi there
I am in the same situation as you. Trying to decide to stay or go. I really like my place of work and all the ladies that are there. ( I work in a hairdressers renting my space) Everybody is really nice and I have access to toilet (very essentail1) microwave, tv and fridge and the rent is good. But (And there is always a but isn't there) this last month has been dead. I have been here for 2 months and in the first month was very good. I am hoping that September will be a better month and that August was a holiday month for everyone.
Let me know how you get on and maybe will can trade stories.
When the children go back to school things will pick up about the 2nd week in September. We start thinking about ourselves again after that.

Do you know that the average good business takes over 2 years to get into profit!!! Going it a bit in 8 weeks don't you think? Especialy at this time of year.

I would certainly give it 6-8 months to get noticed and for the word to spread. Do't despair just yet.
To all the newbies out there in the big Nail world............
It takes time and effort and patience to build a good solid and sound business......................
In the first year you are lucky if you break even with product, rent and other stuff..........
The second year is the one that will earn you your pennies.................
I started in the Tanning Shop 10 yars ago and they never had nails in there before, also 10 years ago it was still a fairly new thing..........Extensions, Manicures only the Lady's that lunch would have them........................
So as I am a stubborn soul and wont be defeated I sat it out and guess what ...........It paid off..............

I did leaflets, that didn't work that well as most ended up in the bin........ but then we did some promotional stuff between the Tanning Shop and The Nail Bizz and that worked so much better............

Do you have office blocks near you, banks, building societies, if so get in there and offer them a block booking price to get you started.........

As in for every 10 from the firm that book a manicure the 11th is free.......
For every 7 sets of extensions the 8th is free........ I know a huge discount but call it an investment in future business.......... but also set a time limit like for the next you are only committing yourself to one month at a time..................

I think you might want to get together with the hair side of the salon and see if the are willing to give a discount for your clients........ reverse the offer to to speak , as in Full Set of Extension will receive XYZ % of their next Hair treatment, Cut or so...........this doesn't cost you anything, and this way the salon is helping you to get established.........

Complementary treatments.......... Full Set of Extensions incl. free nail art, mini solar oil, complementary Toe varnish, anything that will make them look twice and make them think about Nails, Nails and Nails..........
I am sure now the Hols are over it will pick up for you........... So keep your chin up and your files busy

Ok just a thought
lots of love Ruth xxxxxx
Thanks girls for your advice and encouragement, I feel loads better now.

I must admit I was getting really demoralised as the bills still need paying and theres sooo much stuff that I still want to buy for my business but theres no money coming in yet, however I'm going to stick at it.

I'm going to put the ideas that you have suggested into action. I'll let you know how I go on.

Its great to know that there are people who have been in the same situation and are now thriving businesses.

I'm just itching to get those files going :D :D :D

Thanks to you all, you've made my night!
Karen Sawadee ka

You try not worry and think too much because some times things have to come slowly and lady have to know you have nail your shop take time .

For all lady nail you do nail maybe have more lady see your nail you make and if she like when she have money she come your shop make nail with you .

Maybe if you can speak boss your shop maybe them can let lady want do manicure pedicure with you because customer ask for you to do and get percent .

Lady come your shop make hair or manicure some time not have money make nail but later she come and make nail when she have money for spend make nail .

8 week not long time for open buissness and lady know you have there in shop and do good nail .

kop khun ka mui
If you are unable to do manicures and pedicures you are losing business and will have to rely on your nail enhancements to generate income. I had that problem in my first salon, and decided it was the wrong kind of place for me. I describe my situation there not unlike a hairdresser who was only allowed to cut hair (but not colour or highlight or perm) or vice versa. The established esthetician got all the manis & pedis and ultimately I decided to move to another salon where I can do everything I have been trained to do, and enjoy doing. This may be what you need to do as well. I'm not advocating this for you, it's just what I felt I needed to do. When you are starting out, you need every opportunity to earn a living, and I felt like I had one and a half hands tied behind my back before I started. In hindsight, I accepted that position without thinking because I was so excited at the opportunity. The good thing about life is you learn something from every experience. I now know what to look for in a salon environment.

Good luck whatever you decide.
hi there

I was in a hair salon from november last year until june this year, sometimes it was slow, you must try to get your ladies to re-book their maintenance :D this will keep you and them happy, i have advertised once but all of my customers are word of mouth. I left the salon in June and have never been sooooooooooooo busy I wish I had done it earlier.
Do you do the girls nails in the salon as they are an advert for you. It all takes time you just have to be patient. Good luck ;)
hi ya...i have just opened my new salon, ive been open since the 21st August, i posted 4000 leaflets and ive had 1 client from the leaflet drop so far...i also put an ad in the paper, it cost me £475 as it was nearly a full page and with all other businesses wishing me luck but 99% of my clients have found out about me from the paper advert so its definetely paid off for just having an A board made for outside the salon, as im upstairs people dont know im there so an A board will get the passers by in...ive got a hairdressers below and i get clients from them also on and ive had a few responses from that...i also do a loyalty scheme and each time a client has a treatment they get a stamp and then on the 6th session they get a free gift voucher...
ive also got sunbeds so i give my clients a sunbed voucher too, gets them in and once theyve been they come back...ive had a great response in just under 2 weeks and ive already started meeting my cashflow forecast in week putting another ad in the paper for next week, this time itso only costing £105, put it will remind people that im there...if u need any advice please dont hesitate to contact me...Vicky
hey vic well done babes :D great to hear the biz is doing so well fantastic aye!
how did the wedding go have you got pics for us yet? email me so we can catch up hun
nickki jonesx :D

Have you pitched your prices right.

Have you thought of getting the clients you have already to help you out! Without even realising it! Each sucessful client introduction will result in them receving their own service at 50%off. Radical but works and increases your client base. You sitting around most of the time not doing anything so you have nothing to lose and everthing to gain. Keep your options open and I wish you the best!!!!!!!!!!!! J

If you really like it their try and hang in.It's early days yet.
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