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Jul 5, 2010
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i recently open a hair & beauty salon.
we have difficulty finding stylist as a self employed.
i'm thinking about renting the chair out for around £100-£150 a week but i'd prefer to do it in sharing percentage as i problably will be making more profit this way. There is not alot of passing trade and the location of the salon is about 400 yards from the busy main street. What whould i offer the stylist to make them interested?
I was thinking about renting the chair for maybe 6 months and once they build up clientelle then i will change to percentage comission, would that be a good offer?
Thanks in advance for your help.
It creates a bit of tension when you switch from profit share to rent. I'd say go for a rent that way you know you are going to get £400-£600 set amount each month, yes you will see stylists taking more money in december and busy summer months but it's nice for you in january/february. Maybe give them a month rent free of half price to entice them :)
Also, what about retail sales? How will that work?
thank you for all reply.
I'll be starting off by supplying the stylist all products and 4 weeks rent free but will be charging on the products they used. Until she start getting clients in then i will be charging rent at low rates for about 4 months, after that i will switch to sharing her profit into maybe around 60% to her 40% to me. About retail sales, we will be stocking that in the future and we will work out a commission on whatever sale she makes each month.

I dont have much eperience in running a salon, so i will be relying on her as well.

Is this a good deal? :|

Thank you in advance, this really helping me :D
Hi, from the therapist point of view, I don't think its a good deal at all if you're going to be switching from rent to commission. I think you're better off sticking to a certain rent regardless of what the therapist makes. You can say free 1 months rent when they are starting out and thereafter whatever rate you want to rent it out for. For example, if you rent out for £100 per week, and the therapist earns £500 in that week then the remaining £400 is for her to do what she wants with---as long as your rent is paid---that's all you need plus it keeps you both happy this way as you're both earning something.

Another option is to go on a comission basis from the start and stick to that. So the more she earns the more you make as well. You don't really expect someone to pay rent for a while while building their clientelle to now switch to comission basis when she's built up her clientelle (I think that would be selfish and only looking out for ones self) I'm not saying that's what you are. The options I've given you is based on a self employed therapist buying their own products and equipment. I think 20-25% for you is ok if you decide to go on the commission route.
Sorry for the long reply and hope you reach a decision soon and all the best.
I agree with what olabecee has said.

It is a good deal for you - yes, but not a good deal at all for the stylist.

If someone rents a chair/room or works on a % cut, they usually supply their own products etc just pay the rent/% for use of chair/room, electricity, water, etc.

I cant see any stylist liking the idea of you charging them to use your products when they can go & buy they own.
Or liking the idea of switching from rent to %!

Also as makeupartistzoe said; It creates a bit of tension when you switch from profit share to rent.

I would recommend you make it simple from the off & stick to a choice of 2 options only, rent a chair at £100-£150 per week or rent a chair at 20-25% per week, both being self-employed using all their own products, with maybe a 10% comission for them on retail products. Maybe offer a discounted rent or % for the first month but I wouldnt suggest the idea of a free month x
Thank you for all reply :)
what im trying to do is giving the stylist a good deal and make sure she is happy. She going to start doing part-time so i'll start off maybe free rent until she make enough then i'll be sharing %. would 25% to me fare if i provide her with all products she needs.
Sorry im just new in running a salon, im fare enough person. would not take advantage out of anyone but i just want to make sure i'll be making a little profit for renting the chair out.
Thanks to all advice :)
sorry to hijack, but am really interested in this thread, so is 20-25% about right as commision for a hairdresser?

am not a hair person, but just very interested.

Personally, if I was self employed within someone elses salon, I would justwanna pay my rent and organise myself with regards to appts, products etc.

You say she is going to build up clients - are yous till building up your clientele? what will happen if you are both quiet and a client comes in?

I think renting is a great idea for some people - I rent a chair to a girl, she did Fri and Sat atfirst and had some of her own clients, maybe 50-60% full, and then she took some new clients when I was too busy to take them. I started taking a Tuesday off, so now she works the day i'm off and gets the new clients then as well, works for me becasue there is still a hairdresser working that day.

Now my junior is qualified and we are starting to build her diary up, it may be difficult to keep everyone happy - I'm happy to give the chair renter some new clients as I dont wanna pee her off, but not thatill be quiet or my other member of staff will be.

You need to think about what you are looking for from renting a chair. As you may find if you both have different expectations it could be short lived. I had a lot of people come to me to rent a chair, but have no clients and expected to pick up every new client coming in the door, which wasn't whatI was looking for.

anyway I hope this helps, but I would def just go for a daily rate (I charge £40 a day) as then if its quiet, you've still got that guaranteed money coming in. xxx
hi, thanks for the respond.
i dont deal with ladies myself, im experienced with gents and i have quite a large clientelle. So basically she'll take all the female clients herself. we will be promoting each other plus she want me to supply her with products and i'll be doing all the advertisements. we have 3 chairs in the shop, 1 beauty therapist.
Have you looked at it like this;
Say she works 9-5, does 5 wash, cuts & blow drys at £25 each thats £125 - 25% to you means you get £31.25 minus electricity & products,
Maybe do a few calculations based on what she would be doing, prices she will charge, & what you can earn out of your cut.
Have you seen her pricelist?
Also being as the girl is self employed and will be working on a % if she doesnt come in or goes on extra long hols as thats what she can do being self - employed - you earn nothing!
With renting a chair, you still pay your rent if your there or not!
Again as I said before I dont think its a good idea to do the free rent thing, maybe do first month at 20% - thereafter 25%, if you are doing the bookings, advertising, promoting etc its your job to get her colum as booked as you can. x
I would suggest 60-40. 60% to you and 40% to her as you'll be supplying everything from products to advertising and booking. Atleast this is the norm where I am. Hope you sort this out soon?
Thank you very much for all your advice :)
I'll figure out the deal and see what is the best offer for her.
Will make a post of how im getting on :D
when i posted on here about renting a desk out for nails, everyone on here suggested £10-15 a day. I thought that was cheap, so i asked her whatshe wanted to pay...and she said £20. happy days. xxx

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