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Apr 15, 2012
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west yorkshire
Hi All, i am just at the stage of considering a nail course, but already in a dilemma what to do!! I have looked into the essential nail course for acrylics which is priced at £499 and also the creative course priced at £1200. I cannot really afford the creative one so i was thinking do you think it would be a good start to do the essential nail one then further down the line do a conversion course with creative? I have spoke to creative and they say the conversion course would cost approx £130.
Could really do with some advise on this.

Thanks in advance x
i would start as you mean to go on!! i wish i had done my training with creative to start with, i thought i was doing the right thing by doing the nvq in nail extensions and then went on did dont get enough out of the conversions, they are more about the product. a friend of mine trained with creative to start with and she has got on far better, its taken me alot longer t get really good even though i was already in the nail and beauty industry and my friend was not .

hope this helps x
I know that CND did not accept the Essential Nails or other Home Learn techs as trained in order to do the Conversion course. They sometimes did if it was a tech with suitable industry experience after this kind of training.
This may have changed, and Sweet Squared the CND distributors would be the best people to ask for an accurate answer.
A conversion course is just that, it is to show you how to use that companies products not to teach you how to do nails!

I know there is a huge difference in price here, but you should look at what is involved in both courses, as in having a fully qualified Educator physically teaching you in a class environment compared to working at your own pace in your own time.
I know I do not have the right mindset or motivation do do anything on a Home learn basis, so I have always gone for classroom training.

Also what kind of kit is provided with each course? I think that could also make a huge difference.

These are not the only courses out there, there are many good companies like Young Nails, EzFlow NSI who offer good training.
I wish I had found CND when I was looking at training (how I missed them I don't know). I went with Essential Nails. Now a few years down the line I am qualified in both gel & acrylic (I did a conversion for Gel with CND) I'm insured and have a little mobile business. Don't get me wrong I did learn with EN.
Yesterday I sent an Email to the Creative academy in Manchester to see about the next dates for the complete course (which sorry to say is a bit more than has been quoted here).
Some might say its a bit drastic but I want to be the best I can and doing a conversion here and there is not going to give me that. I look at my beautiful Brisa certificate and feel a fraud, I'm not a CND tech but I will be soon no matter what.
To the OP (sorry I've waffled that much I've forgotten your name :) work out how much the L&P, gel & maintainence course costs with EN (don't forget you will need to purchase extra product to complete your course) then look again at the complete CND and all the others parts that are included. You will be surprised.
BUT have fun as well :)
Vicki cx
I know the CND course is expensive compared to some others out there but it really is a case of 'you get what you pay for'.

There are so many threads on here where people have initially gone for the cheaper option only to find that they are still lacking essential skills/knowledge later on and then end up paying again to repeat their training . Obviously this ends up costing the same if not more than it would have cost going to CND in the first place.

If you have the option to wait and save up the fees then it could possibly end up saving you time, money and stress in the long run.

I dont know the details of the Essentials course but I've done a few courses with CND over the years, including my introducton, and cant fault them :)
Hi there
I have just done the Foundation Course with Entity which is in Leeds. It is a four day course and similar price to what essential nails will charge you but the products are fantastic from what i have used so far. Home

Give Gina a call on 0113 3188252 she is really lovely and sooo helpful and fantastic at what she does.
Save up for abit longer and get yourself on the Creative course , creative courses may seem pricey at first glance but they are worth every penny :)
I started out with the Essential Nails gel course and its still sat in the box!! I had a dabble but it didn't inspire me to try hard or motivate me to get stuck in and master gel nails. I would advise anyone to go to CND or another reputable training school. Its so much easier to learn from a person that is skilled in their trade than it is sitting alone with a DVD and a plastic hand. Also its best to train using the products that you will use when qualified. The Essential Nail products are not great in my opinion. I feel that i wasted £500. HTH x
I completely agree! mine is also sat in the box and i am now saving up for CND. I myslef wasted £500!!

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