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New Tech

Jul 14, 2003
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:D Morning!!!

I'm looking for a LCN tech to tell me what products they use to achieve the P/W look. All I've used is the Sculpture, One Component, and One Component - Pink.
Thanks!!! :p
Hello New Tech,

I use gels, many different brands, LCN as well. And in my opinion what they lack is nice white gels. If you like the paint on white look, you might wanna try their FM Pearl White (pretty white) or their new FM Color in White (whiter).
Other then that they have Phasique White, semi-self leveling gel. It is very natural in colour, milky.
Also they have Sculpture White, it is a builder white, pretty white, but pretty stiff, it doesn't level at all.

So other that that they don't have a nice white that you could build with, and I don't like the painting the white on at all. The paint on goes under the gloss and it can look uneven, no matter how thin you try to apply it

LCN is a nice gel, the big advantage is that it doesn't yellow at all in the tanning beds.
Application wise (and for nice whites) I prefer other gels like INT and Akzentz.
But they can yellow a bit if clients tan in the tanning beds (not when you suntan, and not with normal use)

Check out my website, go to "Beauty Professionals" section and then to tutorials
Or to Gallery for pictures.

Here are the nails I did with LCN Phasique White:

And this is the look I like better (done with INT French Fill):
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