Newish to site, why so catty?


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Oct 5, 2013
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Hi i hope I don't offend anyone as this is not why my intention is.
I'm fairly new to this site and still training in nails, love looking through posts and have already learnt so much from tips and advice people have posted....... But...... Have noticed how catty it is on here. I'm sure I'm not only newbie that is a bit intimidated to ask probably fairly simple questions or problems as I have noticed so many threads turning into arguments and getting closed!! I don't feel it's the mods job to make sure this isn't happening, I think we're all grown ups on here so can we be a bit nicer to each other, ignore it if people say something you don't like and move on. Yes a lot of it is probably misunderstandings as things do get read differently than if you were saying it face to face. Admittedly I have been quite entertained by some threads and the arguments but I have seen a few just turn plain nasty!!
So just a request, please can everyone try to be a bit nicer so we all feel supported and have a place to come for advice etc which is ultimately what this is here for.
HI, welcome to Salon Geek, I understand your frustration and have been avoiding the group for a while....too much real life hassle! There will always be disagreements amongst passionate people and that's something most of the regular geeks have in bucketloads - passion! So if there are 'fistycuffs' occasionally its only to be expected and its probably best if you avoid those threads yourself and move on :)
there are loads of good natured threads but sometimes we like to get our teeth into a subject or issue.xx
I think for a site that has the number of members and hits per day as this one has (and it is the lRgest and bid irst of its kind in the world!) there are remarkably few spats in actual fact. I slso think new ones are treated very well with all questions answered.

Some can occasionally get frustrated when people ask the same question that has already been posted on the same page! I do think new ones should at least look before posting and also read the site rules which are there to agree to before registering ... Many ignor them ... That is annoying in a community like this and it's really only polite to abide by the rules, no?

Where in the world would you get so many discussions without occasional disagreement? Not everyone keeps their cool. It happens. But it more often doesn't happen. :hug: let's look at the larger picture. No one has to look or be part of a heated debate.
I think it's because you get a lot of different people with different personalities and opinions that some of the topics discussed can get a bit heated and turn into a bit of a debate.

But that's life!

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I used to think that before I joined and when I was a newbie but the more you get to know people, the more youll understand peoples ways and banter. Theres alot of posts that arent nasty but really do seem like it, as its just written and it can be read both ways. Also I think some people are really busy so they just quickly reply and maybe it seems like there being short or blunt but its not meant that way.
If anyone sees an offensive post, please hit the red report button and the moderation team can take care of it.

Thanks! :)
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