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Jul 4, 2010
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Im a newly qualified nail technician and Im hoping to go mobile. Ive just completed my level 2 NVQ using CND acrylic. I have have two questions,

Firstly will having my NVQ certificate allow me to buy CND products or will I need to do an extra course for it tobe recognised by them?

Secondly I really want to to train in gel, Im familiar with calgel and bio but have looked in sweet squared and seen CND Brisa, can anyone tell me more about this type of gel or any other good soaks out there and hope I need look into getting the correct training?


Your NVQ using CND will of course allow you to purchase from a CND supplier. If CND did not apporve of the college using the product and be willing to accept the qualification they provide, then the college wouldn't be allowed to use CND to teach with.

Brisa Gel is not a soak off gel (which I do not see as a down side as) it removers very quickly if you have to remove a nail.

BRISA is a hypoallergenic, non yellowing, tough, long-lasting and superbly beautiful gel to use.
I do Calgel but i also offer a hard buff off gel.Calgel and soak offs are not for everyone and its good if you can offer both.
In fact ive just had someone who ive found is allergic to Calgel and i also did a test for Young,NSI and Ezflow and she reacted slightly to all so i have told her to seek out a Brisa tech/salon to try.
Thats great thank you - you have cleared up a few things

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