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Mar 5, 2004
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I have been really stupid:rolleyes: . I have an acrylic liquid allergy, which means I have started to wear gloves when handling monomer. I have only recently developed this and so am not used to the glove wearing procedure. I have been practicing smile lines this week and made sure I put on my gloves before starting. Little did I know that I did not put them away properly last time I used them. I put one on inside out(aren't I a bright spark)!! There must of been monomer on it from its last outing, which has now made my hand flare up again giving me nice swollen fingers ( I can't get my ring off!) and an insanely itchy rash!:cry:

I have been using normal latex gloves I got from my sisters hairdressers, but after reading previous posts on the subject I want to get some Nitrile ones. Where does anyone else who uses these get them from? Can you get clear/natural ones? All the ones I have seen are blue or green, which whilst very nice colours, are not very discrete looking.
Try -

They are really quick to deliver and not too expensive!

Good luck
I've been wearing latex gloves but only when i'm removing dark nail varnish, it helps to preserve my nails when using remover.

What are the other gloves you are talking about made of please?
hi y dont u just use the vinyl ones ?? they r much better x
I'm not sure what Nitrile gloves are made of....:confused: its just that I read the nail geeks "Alice allergens" article which says:

"If you begin to exhibit symptoms from working with a system, ensure that you are working in a clean and hygienic manner. Wearing long sleeves while working, washing your hands between clients, and wearing Nitrile gloves (avoid Latex as these can actually worsen the condition) are all great ways to prevent your own skin exposure"

So as I now suffer from paranoia with regards to being allergic to things, I thought it was best to use these 'nitrile' things but wanted some normal coloured ones.
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