Nightmare Brazilian wax. Severe pimples and redness


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Nov 5, 2013
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Hi all
I had my first Brazilian wax on Friday afternoon. Therapist had to stop half way as she realised the hairs were too short.. She advised me she had to go over a couple of spots twice as the hairs were not all coming out. So I left the salon half waxed and in pain. When I got home I had severe redness and bumps so I applied ice. It did not subside so i applied sudocream overnight. The soreness and redness have gone down slightly as I have also applied witch doctor.
I still have huge red bumps and whiteheads its so embarrassing. Can you recommend anything to reduce this?

Hi did the therapist apply after wax to the area? Try wearing wee thongs or g strings so it doesn't rub against the area as this may aggravate it. And don't wear any tight clothing for a few days. Also obviously no scalding hot baths or any swimming. Is it still quite hot and sore to touch?
No she did not apple anything. I had a clump of wax on the hairs she could not remove. It is very red and swollen and a little painful. I am jus worried as it has now been 4 days
Sorry apply not apple!! Lol
I'm assuming you had shaved as this was your first wax and the hair was very short, Unfortunately this makes the hair much stronger and therefore much more uncomfortable for you. You should leave at four week gap after shaving and before waxing to get the best results..

Sudocream is really very good and all the soothing gel like witch hazel or aloe vera is excellent as well offering relief to the skin.

I only offer male waxing and I recommend that my clients take antihistamine for a few days after the waxing as it really helps the skin to settle down i'm from most people this does make a huge difference.

Hope it does not put you off waxing and hopefully the skin will soon recover just keep applying the creams and gels

Oh my goodness this is ultra bad practice. No matter how hard it is to remove a therapist should never send a client away with wax still on them.

If the hair was short and stubborn id say in consultation to the client that I may not be able to get it all out this time but if she keeps having waxes and lets it grow between treatments then this will improve. It's better to tell clients this first than get stressed about it later on in the treatment.

It sounds like the therapist doing your wax got into a panic and forgot to do certain things (assuming she's trained to do it).
What a shame to have such a dreadful experience for your first wax.
Ideally now you need to wait until everything is through properly or you will find you have 2 lots of different growth.
I see you are in London look for a Kim Lawless trained waxer or you can even go to Kim herself she will get you sorted out.
Ooh……..I'm crossing my legs reading this. Not good to hear and I hope you're ok.

Clearly the waxer got herself and you in a fluster. Best to leave the area alone aside from Sudocreme or Bapanthem now as you've applied different things.

Get well soon.
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