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Feb 5, 2003
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Hi All

Am a little confused here - if you use tips which require no blending i.e. french tips or clear tips (clear well)/pre-airbrushed - you know the one which say no blending required. How do you get them to look smooth and natural at the side walls etc when product is meant to be thin there. There is quite a step on these tips especially the NSI french tipswhich has an enormous fin. I tried the french fins with my nail trainer and the outcome was disgusting. Could someone walk me through this procedure?

So many of these things, like the 'fin' tips and French tips for that matter, are a quick fix to learning how to create smile lines with your white powder and your brush!

If every nail technician who feels a lack of confidence in creating perfect smile lines sat down one day (with a bunch of old tips that maybe you don't like any more and want to use up OR save all the bits you trim off when applying a new set of enhancements to use) and took a ball point pen and drew smile lines on the back of the tips and then PRACTICED applying a perfect smile line using the pen mark as your guide to the front of the tip ... I bet you wouldn't have to do more than 20 before you started to 'get it'. 30 or 40 and you would have 'got it' and then ..... think of the freedom!!

No more need to buy French tips or funny tips with 'fins' on them - french rebalances would be easy, you would have the freedom to create the look you want for each individual for custom service, you would learn to sculpt because you would be 90% of the way there ... endless possibilities. There is no substitute for doing the 'real' thing yourself. You got to doit sometime or there will always be a huge gap in your ability!
hi ya...that sounds an excellent idea...ive got a client on monday and im having to use white tips to guide me, i really want to do it myself without the white tips...ive heard i can come across problems at rebalance????
i must get the smile rite what is it 20-40 times and it should come to me!!! :D
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