Not sure about my choice of name now?


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May 13, 2004
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Montrose, Scotland
Salon opens 16 nov, went to order my flyers, invites, cards, sign etc etc this morning and had a change of heart, OMG help?

was gonna be:
Polished Nail Boutique & Spa
but... am i really a spa, i do spa manis/pedis, reflexology?
am i really a boutique, i specialise in hands & feet, and i'm the only one for miles that does l&p?

Definately want to keep Polished!
what about:
Polished Hands & Feet Boutique
Polished Nails Boutique
Polished Hand & Foot Spa
Polished Enhancement
any other ideas greatly appreciated
ohh.:cry: in a right panic now, HELP! Its sooo important to get it right. x
I think the 'polished' bit implies you have to have polish on the nails you do....

Personally I'm loving:-

The Hand & Foot Spa - where your hands and feet are in for a treat :biggrin:

Just my tuppence worth, ask 20 people for an opinion and you'll get 20 different opinions :lol:
I agree with Trin, I love her idea The Hand & Foot Spa sounds great! xxxx
only my personal opinion but i think Polished on its own or Polished Boutique sounds good x
the trouble with foot spa is you think of a remingtons with bubbles.

think polished is cool
what about polished nail room
go for polished boutique
I would just drop the spa, i like the nail boutique sounds a bit different, i like ! :)
Thanks guys!

Think im gonna go with Polished Nail Boutique. Now i've thought about it, was really just the use of the word spa that i was unsure of.
Mentioned it to a few people and they thought i'd won the lottery! Think they were expecting hotubs & saunas etc.
Is really just a Nail Salon with a few add on treatments, but i am exclusive in my area so boutique definately fits the bill.

Thnaks again. x
sounds good.

what font are you going for? have you tried typing it out?

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