NVQ level 2 Nail services diploma "sounds good ah!"


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Oct 21, 2011
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Northiam East sussex
Hi my names John and I am using Mandy's account as we are husband and wife.
I am getting a bit cheesed off as we have put a lot of money into Mandy's training not only in her training but also i the stuff that we did not realize that we would need, " as i read this forum a lot to try and help her I'm sure you all know "

I don't want to say to much until she passes her course, well we hope until its all over.

she started her course last sept doing nights well afternoons till late evening and is due to finish at the end of June.
She had covered a & p? if i have got that right fiberglass gels L&P and various nail art, every step of the way I have said that we should push for the very best which is why I said to go down the CND route shellac etc I am very anal and like things being done right and Mandy agrees.

However she has never been taught how to do repairs apart from fiberglass, which seems little odd.
Also when it has come to the log assessments they have run out of time and now this needs to be done at home with photos to back up what has been done .
And now we are on to the assessments well due to lack off people coming in, I am now having to pay to have clients come into the college and have treatments done ! not only this she has been told that if she does not sell six products she will fail her course ! "please bear in mind that they used crap products, and we have no confidence in what they use"

every step of the way we have bought the best products! the whole shellac system inc lamp OPI color's, lumos top and bottoms coats, at present she uses NSI as came with the college but planning on changing to CND for gels & L&P.

she has already done the shellac course with Liza Smith with her tutor, HOWEVER even though her tutor has done the course she is still teaching the class to use non CND lamps and cure bottom coat for 2mins :rolleyes:
i feel like i am banging my head up against a wall

I really feel like poor old mand is not getting the best training but she feels sorry for her tutor because its her first year of running the course
but for me I just want Mandy to be the best, she is so enthusiastic its unreal

grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr sorry rant over wish there was some sort of governing body to check this is all ok

shame gigi not in charge of it all ;)
It sounds as though you are as enthusiastic as she is which I think is brilliant. I nearly did a course though college but based on advice, cost comparison and qualification I decided to go for CND complete. I hope a professional can reply and answer you. What I do know though is that she shouldn't feel sorry for her tutor. Her tutor should be a qualified professional and able to take constructive criticism as much as her students, also, there should be a standard of training she should be receiving, if she's not getting it then there must be someone at the college she can speak to!!

In fairness to the tutor, she probably has to stick to the curriculum the college has set and she will have to stick to products that the college is endorsing, she may not be using what she personally likes.

shame gigi's not in charge of it all ;)

Lol :Love:

Well, I'm glad I'm not as I loathe red tape and paper work! Lol. Besides, I'm not very good at being regimented and am more than a bit of a reble. Not for me.

However, I hear you and your frustration. And as many have said before, just get through it and then start the real journey. with your support, I'm sure she will do well and then we will take good and make it excellent! :hug:

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