O MY GOD... They just fell off!


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Jan 9, 2003
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geee... never heard that one before :rofl:

What do you guys do when you come accross this very original statement :?:
Well, as a newly qualified nail technician, I seem to be hearing this quite a bit!! I endeavour to encourage my clients to return (be it sheepishly) to have them assessed and put right. Although, I do seem to be having conflicting instructions as to how to apply silk/fibreglass extensions, which resulted in me becoming extremely confused! As 'The Nail Fairy' of Exeter, I now am about to try magically putting a layer of resin on the natural nail before applying the tip - hay ho! Wish me Luck! Will I ever say 'O My God - They stayed On!'?
Aly Jo said:
Will I ever say 'O My God - They stayed On!'?

Too funny... this made me -> :rofl:

What conflicting info are you getting? At the end of the day... follow the manufacturers directions... they should (hopefully) be able to set it straight! If not... we will :mrgreen:
well, I have been doing nails over 20 yrs,and I have heard it all! So, I make light of it. I say, My that was some fight you where in ! Or, That was some party you threw! Or, heres a good one, Wild sex,again? LOL
Then I do the nails, full set, Charge!!!
Barbie :rolleyes:
Its not funny!!! (Well, yes ok if I don't laugh, I'll cry!)
I trained with Star Nails and they taught me to apply silk/fibreglass straight on top of natural nail after taking shine off, then apply tip,dehydrate, 3 layers of wet resin - don't activate, then one coat of wrapture gel and activate with cool mint. Video I purchased says - resin on natural nail, activate,buff, apply tip, resin, activate,buff, apply silk, resin activate 2/3 times then file! I have also got advice to not use coolmint and use activating spray instead - HELP! Magic Wand Needed! x
Eeek... My instinct would be to follow the video... Any Star Educators or experienced users out there that can help?

HELP! Magic Wand Needed!

Would lend you mine... but it's the only one I got! :revolve:
I have had this also....."they fell off" OR "floated off in the bath".....I find it quite bizzare that i can do my own acrylic nails and they actually stay on!! Hmmmmm ??
Oh well, keep plodding on!
Yep - my own nails are BEAUTIFUL too! Must be my magical fairy fingers eh? ! Tee hee! Good luck fellow nail tech!
It might be all down to the prepping of the nail. :idea:

Sanitize,Remove all cuticle, buff nail lightly in growth direction, dehydrate nail, one layer of resin, apply tip, blend,resin, apply stress strip,resin, apply full fabric strip, apply resin 2-3 times activate.I only activate after the 2-3 resin coats, as i find that the in between resin drys by itself. Gently buff in the little ridge near the cuticles area, so it's nice and flat and no ridge showing,shape nail, buff, apply cuticle oil.ASO..........
But take heart, we all had that to start of with, flying nails, levitating nails, nails with bits missing, nails that look like a mouse had a nibble,after a while you will get wise to it all. :idea: Look for stress marks on the nail, that is usually a good indication whether force of some kind was used. If they just fell off :rofl: the nail underneath will look fairly smooth and untouched.
:fire: Silk Extesions with French Tips

I hope I have explained it ok. If not the Geek will surley edit it ,so it makes sense :D
Let me see if I can help..... :D

1. Sanitize hands
2. Remove polish and push back cuticles
3. clean and sanitize the nail plate
4. lightly buff the surfact of the nail plate with a white block or zebra 180 grit pay special attention to the cuticle area
5. apply the tip with resin or instant nail glue and cut to desired length
6. blend tip seam
7. apply a thin layer of resin to the surfact of each nail, be sure to extend the resin right up to and around the free edge.
8. Apply Cool Mint brush on activator like polish but with a very light touch. Do not force the applicator brush into the resin, just glide the brush over the surface.
9. Apply a strip of fabric (fiberglass or silk) to the entire nail surface. Trim the fabric to within 1/16th of an inch of the surrounding cuticle and trim flush with the nail free edge. Use a plastic bag, gloves or wax paper to press down and smooth the fabric. Try not to touch the surface of the wrap with your fingers as the deposited oils from the skin can cause lifting. If the nail is medium/long, you may want to aply a second piece of fabric on the stress area.
10. Using extender tip, spread resin over the fabric making sure to cover all edges and completely saturate the mesh. Once the fabric is firmly secured brush with Cool Mint activator to accelerate the drying process.
11. Check the nail surface for bumps or irregularieis from the previous step. If leveling is required, lightly buff with white block to product a smooth, even surface.
12. Draw a line of Wrapture Gel down the center of the nail and spread with Cool Mint activator.
13. Apply the Wrapture Gel in 2 more thin coats repeating step 12 until desired thickness is achieved.
14. Once the nail surface is completely dry, use a medium file or 4 way file to smooth imperfections.
15. Finish buffing with 3 way buffer to product a high gloss shine.

Hope this helps.

Christine Banwarth
Vice President International Marketing
Star Nails International
we all know that nails don't just 'fall off' if we have done our job correctly. We also know that this is exactly what clients say, even when they KNOW they have broken their nail. Ask yourselves this... if the nail has 'fallen off' then why, oh why..is there still product on the plate of the nail?? hmmmm GOOD QUESTION! :? If the nail has fallen off - surely they are talking about a nail coming off in one whole piece which would more likely mean medication that is being taken or the nail tech has forgotten some serious step in her treatment. :evil:
Also, if they are asking for a free full set - I sure as hell want to see those nails that 'came off in one whole piece'....Kinda puts a different slant on things as then your clients will start to tell the truth about what really happened... :oops:
Anyways, it is up to US to educate our clients about how enhancements work and how they need to look after them, maintain them etc whilst they are away from us, THE PROFESSIONALS - DON'T let your clients make you feel unconfident; remember you know 100 times more than they do; act like it and they won't argue with you so much!!! ;)
Hi everybody

This is my first outing onto the message board. What joy to have great input from all over the globe.
How interesting and comforting it is to hear that they just fell off not only happens to just me.
Cheers to the geek for a great message board idea
How interesting and comforting it is to hear that they just fell off not only happens to just me.Lynda

;) Lynda - You're NOT alone!!! :mrgreen: good thing is, we can help each other with our varied experience!! ;)
Heydihodi (ok it's late)

When a Client comes in for a Rebalance/infill/maintenance what's your average number of breakages?

Byedibodiboodi :shock: , Adele
Well, glad to hear of things to come!!! ick! Guess that is one of the down sides to doing nails! hehe! I too am glad we have this forum as a sounding board for our problems or positive happenings!!! It's a great place to meet and listen and learn!
...... I did a natural nail overlay on one of the girls at work (we were working nights and things were a bit slow - so why not??? ;) ) I'd only been doing nails for about 6 months and this was the first 'overlay' I'd ever done. My prep was fine, I've always been very particular about my prep, and I applied the acrylic etc. I buffed one hand with Solar Oil and Koala Buffer, then started on the other - while I was buffing the second hand, something hit me in the face! Couldn't quite figure out what it had been, but while I was looking at the 'first' hand, right in front of my eyes, another 'overlay' flew off - and I mean 'flew', it just popped right up into the air. The others came off one by one also. Turns out she's had her nails done a couple of times before and they've never stayed on (made me feel slightly better!). Has this ever happened to anyone else? Anyone know why it would happen? I've often wondered. :shock:
You sure you`re not talking about the nail trainer???????????
sorry, guess thats not really funny. I`ve never experienced nails coming completely off like that and I`d have to see it with my own eyes to believe it.
I agree with Mrs Geek, I`d like to see the nails the client is claiming came straight off.
I have used star nails fibreglass for years and I have never had a problem, apart from 1 or 2 breakages on an occasional client thats has admitted to being a bit heavy handed.
I now use Backscratchers fibreglass system which seems to be stronger and there are less breakages. But I`m eager to try the new Fabric#
Debs, if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes I'd never have believed it! I've never seen anything since. They honestly just pinged up into the air!

As for the Nail Trainer me and mine (affectionately known as 'Thing') have a 'love/hate' relationship, I wouldn't be without 'it' but when it comes to sticking the damn nail tips on.... that's another story! :D

That is excellent advice. I'll be asking the client to bring in a sample of the nail that just 'popped off' from now on.
My first visit in a while to the site - this was my first posting I read ... loved it. It just goes to show it happens to all techs - novices and pro's - so all us novices take a deep breath and continue to beleive in yourselves! Now, that sounds good - if only I could put it into practice!!! LOL!!!


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