o2 problem, anyone else having the same?


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Is anyone else who's on o2 having probs with their signal? My phone is saying "Emergency Calls Only", I've turned it on and off a fair few times, taken out the battery and sim, swapped the sim into another phone, and still no signal.

Anyone else getting this?


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im having the same problem with a signal - i cant get one in my house - so if anyone rings me i have to make a mad dash out into the garden. ive had a new replacement phone and sim card, but still got the problem


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Could just be that the network is really congested at this time of year.


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got no o2 here either


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My 02 is ok.


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Im on 02, my phone is fine x


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Maybe the network is over run with i-phone owners trying out their christmas presents!


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i get it with mine if i go into my local town , or a building :lol:, thought it was the phone at first but its the signal thats pants , haha
gutted really coz i changed from virgin to get a better signal :confused:


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All sorted now, must have been a glitch with o2, my sister had the same problem.