Off to do my Foundation Course!


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Jan 12, 2003
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Cardiff, Wales
Hey Geekettes, Geeks and Chichas!!

Just to let yah know, I'll be absent from the board and the 'net til thursday..cos..I got my CND Foundation on monday! :D :D The 2 year obsession has finally landed!

Oh meep, the excitement!!! Will let you know how I got on, just hope me and Faye find the location ok!! lmao!

Good luck to Glorsclaws 'n' Co who are doing theirs on tuesday!! Get reay for online revison my dear!



ps: Thanks to MY Chichas for all the support and advice! Will do u all proud my chickadees xxxxx

Good Luck Layla! :thumbsup:

Im startin mine onTuesday!!!!! :fire:

Im soooooo excited!

hope it goes just great for ya babe!

I just know that there is one heck of a tech in the making................
You will rock the nail world babe, just need the foundation course to get you started ...............................
A year from now, and we will see your name all over the place...........

lots of love
Ruth xxxxxxxx

P.S. Got the dinner ready for sunday xxxxxx
Got the Comp stuff ready too..........
Got the bats ready too xxxxxxx
So woohoooooo babe xxxxxxxxx
Right you guys
To all of you out there doing the Foundation, masters and other courses not mentioned.................
I wish you all luck and have a great time

love Ruth xxxxxxxx
Thanku Ruthy baby! :oops: You get that camera out ready for my butt-kicking Harry Potter nail!! Must not forget those nails!!!!!

Good luck Jacky ;-)

Thanx Hun! :sunny:

Im gonna need it!

But hey......Im soooooooo lookin forward!!!!

all the best to each and every one!!! :thumbsup:
....and a bit of advice :study: Some of you have been doing nails and 'playing' for a while. Go in with an open mind and FORGET everything you have ever learnt before (I don't mean forever) but for the 1st three days, listen, learn and become sponges. If something you learn seems a complete turnaraound to what you have been taught before, wait until an opportune moment and ask...don't be shy :oops: Our Ambassadors KNOW their stuff and are happy to help you!! Remember that EVERYTHING we teach is backed up with proof and not just CND opinion! :tongue: You will all do well I am sure and we are here to help (but don't ask for assessement q&a's :shock: ). Loof forward to hearing all about it!! (Learn Meeps and Meeps Layla :rolleyes: :rolleyes: ) and see you all next weekend!! ;)
Good luck Layla, Jacky and everyone else doing their foundation course this week.................All those new techs out there, watch out world, Creative is getting bigger as we speak. go get em girls
just to add my encouragement to all you guys who r taking the plunge!
as mrs. geek said, listen & learn (loads)
there are 2 extremes of students;
those who have no previous experience of nails (some haven't even had nail enhancements on themselves)
& those who have been shadowing a nail tech, mayb doing nails as a trainee/ saturday girl for a while.
there are some obvious advantages of having "played" or at least watched the many procedures b4.
however, not only does it depend on who they have been watching, but bad habits r very contagious :shock:
when teaching, i often use analogies of driving.
eg. the student who has been having lessons with uncle fred, may b more confident initially, but they may have picked up shed loads of bad habits that have to b "irradicated" :shock:
wishing you all a great experience :fire:
lol liza xx
the student who has no experience at all will b less confident, & may feel overwhelmed at 1st, but they r fresh to all info given to them.
so........... whatever your previous experience, go in, as mrs. geek said, open minded & ready to learn & have fun :D
lastly, b4 long someone will ask "how long b4 i can work professionally doing nails?"
again, i compare the situation to learning to drive;
how many lessons did it take everyone to learn to be safe on the roads?
to b safe means pass your driving test.
at that stage, how many of u would of applied for a job driving &delivering around london?! :shock:
not many i guess!
so, to pass your foundation class you have to b deemed "safe" to work with these products unattended.
that doesn't necessarily mean that you will/willnot b ready to work full-time in the nail industry.
there will always b a small no. of students that progress quickly because, mayb they've had some great opportunity in a salon b4, during or after their training.
but for most students the foundation class is exactly that., the foundation of your learning.
creative have a superb table of courses that will take you on the journey of progression all the way to the top! & beyond 8)
:oops: spot the deliberate mistake!
my good wishes & sing off somehow managed to get into the middle of my post :shock:
whoops! sorry :oops:
lol liza xx
Good luck Layla, Jacky and everyone,

I'm sure you will all learn heaps and have lots of fun!

Well girls, I know the classes will be the richer for having you all there.

Have fun and enjoy yourselves.

Lisa, congratulations on an excellent post ... full of wisdom and experience. I am so proud of you in so many ways. XX
Godd luck to you all xxxx

layla don't forget to ring me babe have fun,enjoy you have waited sooo long for this love ya loads and see you soon xxxx
have fun ,enjoy it. :study:
Well like they have all said Layla,
Forget what you think you know and learn from the facts and technicques shown.....................
If I say forget I mean.......forget it for the time being................
go in with the attitude.....I KNOW NOTHING.....BUT I WANT TO LEARN......

Some things are hard to forget and bad habits are one of them.............
But I know you well enough to know that when it comes to are like a absorb everything and in all my time in this bizz of ours never found anyone more keen and able to do your thing.......

So babe have a ball
Love ya loads
I am so proud of you
You remind me so much of Faye.........
As in so how do you do that, why does it do that and can we do that.........
Show me, show me, show me now lol .................

love Ruth xxxxxxxx
Layla, guess you must have arrived at your Foundation about now. I hope you have a great time :bouncy: . I cant wait to compare notes!
Mrs Geek, I know nothing of acrylics so am going tomorrow as a blank page ...... Yup, its all going to be new for me, hell I havent even met my model :pale: who is kindly being provided by Carol (C my nails).
Planning on spending today catching up on all the posts I've missed while I've been offline again!, The idea is a lazy day to keep me in a calm frame of mind for tomorrow .... yeah right :rofl: :rofl:
good luck all you girlies i just know you are gonna love it!!
layla hun how was your first day? i want to hear all about it!
nickki jonesx :D
HowdAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! I ate all my dinner so Faye allowed me to use her pc, lmao :rolleyes:

Well what can I say... IT WAS MEEPING FANTASTIC!!!!

Did loadsa writing and note taking and learning learning, meeping learning!! I was a sponge (pink one of course)!!! Took in loadsa info and Tracey made it so easy to understand stuff. I knew a fair amount of nail terms ie anatomy, etc etc, but learnt it today in so much depth! And I cant forget the 3 nail folds!!! Im about the only one in the class that can remember eponychium and hyponychium! Meep!

Getting all meeped up for tomorrow's lesson now, just gota do my homework! After 13 years of education, THIS is my idea of homework! TIP BLENDING!

Oh and by the NO bloody meeping airbubbles! Whoo!!

Have fun to the ''wolves'' techs, you're gona have a fab time!!!

Love'n'Candyfloss ;-)

so glad your enjoying yourself babe and keep me posted :thumbsup: :sunny: :tongue:
Have fun to the "Wolves" techs you're gona have a fab time!!
Hey Layla :)
So glad you enjoyed it, I cant wait til tomorrow :rolleyes:
I'm going to be a good girl now and have an early night ..... er, well, after I check if anyone is in 'chat' first! :rofl: :rofl:
Talk soon xx.
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