off to have a baby!


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Hey Lexuspilot

They all mention joy, happiness and lots of what they don't mention is ......................POO, Sleepless nights, POO, baby sick, POO, bags under your eyes, POO, zombi like creatures meeting ever so occasionally, oh.........and just in case I didn't mention it ......POO :shock:

OMG are you still sure you want to go through with it :shock:

Of course you do, because you know at the end of the day you'll never love anything else as much as you love your little ones.

All the very best and look forward to hearing your next posting, complete with piccie please ;)



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Jan 9, 2003
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hi gang,

i'm just dropping a quick post from the hospital (pretty cool...we have internet access here!) to tell you i'll be m.i.a. for a few days. i have preeclampsia and i'm getting induced today at 2:00 so we should have a baby tonight or tomorrow!

just wanted to let you know in case you were lo9king for me! i'll post after ben arrives! wish me luck!

Hi Patti,
Good Luck and dont break a nail :D
Lots of love
Ruth xxxx
hope all goes well.
hi patti
good luck

Good Luck Patti

Look forward to good news

Hey Patti,

Best of luck. There is nothing more magical than that of the birth of new child.

May your new blessing give you even a fraction of what our has.

I look forward to your return... in the mean time.. bless.

nJoy. In a big way
Congratulations!!!! I hope all goes well
:flower: Hope your new bundle arrives safe and that all is well. xx :flower:
so many people have been lovely enough to say HAPPY bithday BUT - my god sweet heart - thisis nothing - have the most fab birth 9if possible) - what an amazing experience - best thing that EVER happened to us. GO GIRL you'll be fine and a wonerful mum as we say in the UK - bEST of luck

thanks baby yet. they're going to let me sleep tonight and then resume the induction tomorrow bright & early. they guaranteed us a baby tomorrow :)

talk soon everyone!
It will be so awesome to hold your baby! I am very happy for you!

Seems like yesterday that my son was born.

Go Patti go Patti go Patti... I am cheering for you! lol
Good luck Patti - hope baby has safely arrived now. He'll bring you much joy I'm sure.

Hi Pattie
I hope that you have now done all the hard work and resting ;)
Give baby a hug from me
Take care
9:31am est and still nadda... :evil:

:D Good luck!!

Aww i loooooooooooove babies!! My boyfriend wont give me one yet :( Not even for my birthday!! :( lol!

Pati, I am so happy for you!!! Being a mom is the greatest joy on earth!! My baby is going to be 1 the 19th of this month! :( sniff...sniff.... Oh it goes by so fast. But there is just nothing that is more wonderful than knowing that your baby is so happy to see you, just because you are you!! MOMMY!!!! They don't care what you look like, if your clothes are ugly, if your breath is bad, or your hair is sticking out in every which direction. They love you no matter what!!!! Talk about the true meaning of unconditional love!!! Children are definately a BLESSING!!! I wouldn't trade for it!!! I loved it so much, I had to become a mom 4 times!! :queen: Best of luck to you!!!! You will be a fabulous mom!! Keep us posted and please feel free to holler if you need anything, especially a FRIEND to just talk to!!!
Shelley Lewis
Hi Patti,

It's the best feeling in the world when you hold your baby for the first time :D I can't believe that my son is 4 months old already - he's growing up so quick :(

I wish you all the very best and, if you can, post a picture of him when he's here!!!

Best of luck
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