Offers, How long to keep them going for?


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May 7, 2007
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Hello all.

Ive decided to do a leaflet drop. Im having some postcards made to help me gain some potential new clients. Im going to offer 20% off their first treatments with me. Im going to add a vaild until date on the postcards. What do you recommend a good time period would be for this 20% offer? As i dont particularly want clients turning up one year down the line asking for their 20% off!! :green:

Hi Nicki,

I did this a little while ago and put a 20% voucher offer on the leaflet and in a way I wish I hadn't. Let me explain, the 20% off voucher was on a corner of the leaflet and I had 2000 printed. Unfortunately I didn't get to post all 2,000 before the voucher was out of date, so wasted a fair few of them.

I would advise if you are going to put a 20% off voucher on and a date do it across the bottom of the leaflet not the corner as if your deadline does come and go and you haven't got rid of all your leaftlets you can at least chop the bottom off without compromising the look of the leaflet. Hope this makes sense.
I had the asme problem, i put August 2007 promotional prices and same as joe90 i didnt get to give them all out and so now they are useless. I have now done my own on the pc and can print as many as i like xx
thats what i thought, i had 15% off on mine, but no date, then at least if i didnt give them all out, (which i have anyway lol) it wouldnt matter, at least i still could use them, if i needed to drum up more business at later date, ive printed my own flyers, so i just get as many as i need, when ive posted them all if i need more i print more, and so far ive printed over 2000 from one colour cartridge, which i think is brill,

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