oh my budddah 1 my sisters laugh i want cry


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Jul 27, 2003
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Sawadee ka

At my shop have staff 2 speak English 3 no speak english only thai and me speak english i have 2 ladys and 2 sisters and 1 ladyman work my shop and the ladyman p toon and 2 ladys p ya and p prowl do all the man and lady hair cut and p toon ladyman do many man gay or lady man but some farang hair cut .

Man farang from france come my shop want hair cut p ya and p prowl doing manicure and pedicure for ladys japan and my sisters having eat p toon say can i help you that all he can say english me on internet geek looking nail man france say i want number 4 top number 3 on side p ya say to me mui we have problem i say what problem p ya say to me p toon is giving haircut farang same monk i look man and p toon give man farang on top number 1 i think think think what i can do i say p toon what you do p toon tell me him put 1 finger up i think him want number 1 .

I walk out of shop i think what mui do now man look like monk when i go out man have no hair on top his head and is still same back everybody shop talking man france say just do number 1 all when p toon take hair off i think he think why i come this shop when p toon take all his hair off and finish hair cut i go see him i say if you monk you look very handsome him smile him say him not have like this before but him like too much .

i think now every body my shop now learn English for sure .

Kop khun ka mui
Nightmare !!!

Made me giggle. Lucky you got away with that one.

Nice one Mui

that wa soooo funny :D , well it probably wan't at the time, but - it's the way you tell 'em!!! ;) 8)
Sawadee ka

We not have too many poblem in shop only 2 more time we have poblem 1 time Thai boy him come shop him crazy football and like chelse England too much and him want have hair blue him before have hair emenem popstar yellow so p toon him put hair colour blue and everything look good and when finish have hair green everybody in shop laugh too much and we tell him its no poblem we tomorrow make blue for free him say no poblem i like this color green and him keep maybe 2 month before him change .

1 time man america come with wife she have manicure pedicure and man want hair cut them stay hotel front my shop p toon him can cut sciser and machine and man want machine maybe p toon him tired him take off man side hair i think farang call side bald him take off thai man no want man america him tell wife look what him take off wife she laugh and man say ok no good i have only one take off but if i come your shop again you not take off p toon him say ok solly .

Now not have poblem if Thai man or lady come shop p toon can do good and if farang come ya prowl or me speak and speak thai to p toon and him now good for farang hair cut i not sure about make color blue maybe one day farang want chelse and maybe have manchesr united sometime i laugh too much when i think about shop and some time i worry .

I think better not think too much

Kop khun ka mui
you seem to handle these funny situations so well; I love your stories and am sure the girls and guys on this board must have some equally amusing situations that they have been in too!!

I heard about a woman in London who owned a nail salon and supported Chelsea too!! She had blue hair and wouldn't have red nail enamel in the salon AT ALL!! Everyone had to have either blue nails or something she deemed suitable! She even admitted that she would 'nic' clients cuticles to make them bleed if she didn't like them :shock: can you beleive that :rolleyes: talk aout professional - NOT :!: :!: :evil:
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