Ooh Really Windy


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gillian w

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Oct 4, 2006
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Its really windy in herts ..its just blown my big double gates open which are bolted and has never happened before.
Yep yep yep, windy here too!

Where's this thread going?:lol::hug:
Same here and its raining ...just got me out of bed it did !!!
wind blew the window open...and it was raining on my face !!!
not happy so now im eating chocolate as compensation for being disturbed
Hubby is on his way to tesco's - I know I know, we both have the late night munchies!!! :lol:

anywhoo - he said the car is blowing all over the road, and about 5 'for sale' signs have blown over down our road, im in Beds, next to herts lol!

One of my clients said today that we are due hurricane force winds over the next 4 days??
woke up to the whole entire contents of next doors bin all over our garden and drive.

the rain was beating that hard on the window it woke emily up.
woke up to hubby asking me to take him to work:irked: don't blame him for not wanting to go on the bike, 60mile an hour gusts,but up at 6am on my day of is:irked::irked:
Tell me about it .... wheelie bins and recycle boxes all over the shop!
Windy here to, fun and games, driving on the roads. The forecast has just said it will lead to wintery blizzarss. :irked::irked::irked:Scotland only!!DOUBLE:irked::irked::irked:
Really windy here too. Here is inbetween Bishop Auckland and Barnard Castle.
Just had a curry so it may be windy indoors later too if Ray is on form!
Anyway i'm learning to drive and was very strange out today with the wind knocking the car about, felt like it lifted it earlier :eek:

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