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Jan 30, 2004
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Hi to all,
Love this site, i am not a pro nail person i just love doing my nail and just thought that i would let you all konw that OPI is the todays TSV on QVC on the 19 of feb :biggrin: :biggrin: ,allso i read in a post that some girls got the spesial fx that was the tsv last time the one with 15 foils and 15 colors this was a fantastic set and i have had great fun useing it one good tip that i found out if you use a hair dryer to dry glue the foils go on brill never had a problem since.
sorry for the spelling mistakes not very good:o .
lots of love sue
Nail tech or not, welcome to the board.
If you love to play with nails then you`re gonna love this board, but you HAVE to show us some of your work if you`re doing nail art
HELP! - I really am rubbish at these - What's TSV????

I know what OPI is (ought to be shot if I didn't recognise that one!!) & I know what QVC is but TSV?

Lol!!!! :) Hiya again Bryony!
TSV = Todays Special Value.....eeeekkkk.....ooooeeer
My Hubby said I was becoming OBSESSED with QVC.....I wonder if I really am!!!!?????
Hi Debs,

Thanx for the reply :biggrin: here is wat i have on my nails at the moment , dont know how long it will be there allways doing somthing differant :biggrin:
Very sorry i can not post a photo yet dont know how to,

do i have to pay a subscription to add photos????

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