Orange band around hair following bleach bath


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Apr 19, 2016
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Hi iv been a hairdresser for 14 years but mobile for 8 and am quickly becoming aware of needing to go on some refresher courses... In the meantime I did a bleach bath today on a regularly home died base of about a 5 to achieve an 8!
It looked very even and ready to be rinsed in which case I coloured with a semi of 8/036!
This caused a fairly warm colour on the roots and ends but ridiculously orange band around the middle! Iv suggested we bleach bath once more on the band but I'm wondering weather to cover in an 8/01 (ash undertone) to eliminate the final orange tinge throughout!
What are your opinions
Thank you
bleach bathing is often unpredictable and if you are using an ash toner just to knock out gold tones then id suggest lightening more to get a cleaner canvas. x
I will definitely be re bleaching the band to lift another shade possibly 2 but it's just the over all semi I'm in 2 minds about weather to stick with warmth or go for ash to bring out a more natural colour rather than gold/orangey x
if there is warmth and u want natural then go with the ash. i find /0 shades are always on the warm side anyway x
I feel iv lost all trust I myself after all this time and get a little nervous!!! Just don't want a disappointment at the end! Will go for the ash then and hopefully get a nice natural 8 from it x
You will be fine! its always handy to keep a manakin head to do test pieces on :) as long as your bleach bathing ends up with an even result your colour should be x
Hi, me again

I can't stop over thinking this!!!

I wish I'd got a picture!!! The lady has messaged saying although she is happy with roots and ends she still feels a little 'ginger' along side me dealing with the ring of orange! I will deff be re bleaching the ring but don't want to throw an ash on the roots and ends at the risk of it going abit Karky!!
This is all with AFFINAGE which I'm starting to have zero faith in xx
I was meant to add what others might suggest as a semi or weather I should dive in with a permanent xx
why dont u ask her for a picture, just say you are deciding on toners and want to see what its like now shes washed it? then others might be able to advise u xx

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