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Mar 5, 2003
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Adelaide, South Australia
I just have a question :?:
I did a really stupid thing and jammed my finger in a door! Funnily the enhancement didn't break but my WHOLE nail plate has been torn off, right from the root!! This gives a whole new meaning to the word torture...
Is it possible now that my nail may not grow back or that the new growth will be somehow be damaged?
I try to remain positive, even through the pain that it will hopefully be fine :shocker:
Time will tell, but I'm sure the nail will grow back.

Whether or not you have damaged the Matrix itself, will be the determining factor as to whether or not the nail will be as smooth and perfect as it was before.

Nails look really peculiar as they grow back so don't be alarmed. :shock: They appear at first to be growing straight up (this is normal) and then they flatten out as they are pushed further down the bed. It will take about 6 months for the nail to grow out - long time - be patient.

Sorry we left you waiting for a reply. Should have answered this earlier. It sounds very painful but hopefully that will be subsiding now. Let us know how you get on. Take some photos for yourself because it really does look weird. Might be useful later on.

All the best. ;)
I had an accident at home which resulted in my toenail being yoinked mostly off, it was attached a little on one side still. What the hopital did was to try and - this sounds urghy - poke my toenail back under the skin where it should have been, the main reason being that it would offer protection to the damaged areas. They said they doubt it would grow again and that I would eventually lose the nail altogether. It took many many many many months but my nail did grow, BUT it is not the same as it was before - it is not as "secure" and tends to look lifted on one side, it also grew back very uneven. The toe has remained very tender to pressure, so I guess some irrepairable damage was done.
Hi Jane

That sounds absolutely awful....I bet you said a few choice words! Hope you are coping

I noticed that you live in Adelaide....I was born there! My father still lives there, but I moved to Perth when I was 7 and then to the UK a year ago...god I am soo homesick, but I love the UK too. I would find it difficult given the choice to go back!

How would you describe the Nail market over in Oz? Perth seemed "quiet" compared to the UK and almost no nail art from what I saw...or perhaps that was just my friends! The frend squoval look was also big.

Yes well as you can imagine it is very painful but it has subsided into a dull throb.
Its making servicing my clients a bit awkward, so I had to modify my filing technique. I did take a photo Geeg, thought I could show my clients what NOT to do!
My finger was toooooo swollen to get the nail back under where it belonged, trust me I tried that as soon as it happened, it is still secured by the smallest amount so all I could do was trim around the nail and lay it flat on the bed and bandage it.....just watching now for all those little germies.
OMG Mandi...how small is this world really :o
As for nail market....mmm, slow at the moment....nail art? wots that?? LOL
Nail arts not overly big here either....
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