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Oct 27, 2006
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Hi Geeks,

Im due today and there is no sign of baby....i know that they never come on there expected date, wondering of anyone has any tips on how i could help it along, apart from the usual ones like hot curry, pineapple, raspberry leaf etc

im so excited i just want it out now so i can enjoy and know what sex it is.

Hi , both my kids came on the due date!!

Baby will arrive when he/she is good and ready and there is still a few hours left of today.

Good luck with everything. x:)x
agree with bky.........your little bundle of joy when he/she is ready.....so sit back and enjoy your time until you have poo nappys....sleepless nights crying!!!!! ......all the best for you and baby huni xxx
Well you arn't overdue yet so id just be patient for a bit longer.Later on you could try reflexology ive known some people to say it worked although you never know whats just coincidental.
hi i give birth on the due date but for about 3 weeks before i was due i tried everything i could fin on the net apart from that oil?? cant remember wat its called but nothin worked he/she will come when there good and ready! i couldnt wait to have my son i found out at 4 n half weeks it seemed like
i was pregnant forever. u just have to wait hun but good luck hope everythin goes well and u have a short labour!!(mine was 16 1/2 hours) xx
Caster Oil,

But its dangerous!!!!! not to you, the baby slips right out and it can happen quite quickly.

My sister did it many years ago and the midwife went balistic:cry:

She drank it in the morning and by the afternoon she was in labour

Just an example of my desperate sister and would not advise It:rolleyes:
Why would anyone try to make things happen from three weeks before their due date? Due dates aren't infallible and the baby might have been earlier than you think. ALL my pregnancies ended prematurely, the closest to date was 3 weeks early, the furthest was my last son, 8 weeks early. Its a blessing to go to due dates, even though it might not feel it when you've just had enough.

Bella Nails, hang in there hun, when your baby is ready you'll get to meet him/her. Your giving your baby the best start by letting things be for now :hug::hug:
I honestly don't think there's anything you can, or should do, just sit back and enjoy the peace and quiet! Keep busy, put your feet up, write your Christmas cards and before you know it he/she will be here! Best of luck with the birth x:hug:
you could try plenty of walking as it keeps pressure on the cervix. sex is also recommedned but often the last thing you want to do lol.
just to warn you though I tried loads of things with my last baby and he was still 12 days late. if the baby isnt ready there is not a lot you can do. Good luck anyway and I hope it happens soon xx
not helpful i know but my son was bang on time to the day!!! my labour started when i was on an all day shopping trip with my mum and aunty lots of walking etc i didnt know i was in labour at the time i just thought id had enough shopping!! i kept having to sit down because i was uncomfortable!! i laugh now when i think back and was totally unprepared due to the fact everyone was like 'oh they are never on time!!!!'
Both my kids were over, one was 12 days and the other was 10 days. For everyone who says it will come when its good and ready.................! Sorry but i wanted to swear, no offence intended. BUt I KNOW what it feels like when you go over and there is no harm in trying to get it started especially if what you try is harmless. Walking is deffanetly a good one, i did hear another one but didn't try it, when you are in the bath, place a warm flannel over your nipple and leave it on for 5 mins, take it off then immediatly rub nipple for 20 minutes.:eek:. If nothing else you will have a slightly sore nipple and it will make you forget that you are overdue for a few hours :D. All the best and i hope it happens soon, :hug: xxx.
me and my friend were both due (to be born - we haven't had kids!) on the same date of sept 14th (our mums, and grandmas are friends too!) - she was born on 11th sept and i was born on the 23rd - so just goes to show due dates are just estimates!!
Heres an interesting thing.
Juniper oil should not be used in pregnancy as it is an expelling oil mentally and physically it can bring about menstruation.It is a uterine stimulant.
it is also used to flavour gin and how did they use to try and get rid of a pregnancy in the old days?.. gin of course is also known as mothers ruin.

Anyway its a good oil to use in labour pre blended by a qualified aromatherapist of course.
Well the hormone that starts it all of is produced by the baby, or so my midwifes told me, all three of mine were late, in fact Kay was the only one not induced, my midwife number 3 was French and a bit earthy:eek: she told me to have lots of good sex, because the hormones are the same:eek::lol:
She was due Christmas day and finally arrived Jan 5th, guess we didn't do it right:green:

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