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Oct 14, 2009
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i put on the first set of acrylic that i have had in about 2 years approx a month ago. so now that my natural nail is pretty long i have been one by one switching them over to uv gel cause the gels dont get eaten by the acetone i am in daily. i didnt want to extend my mail any further so i did an overlay. my natural nail is hard and strong but after 2 days i have cracked two of my gels on the free edge. i want to have my nails pretty for my clients but i get so fed up with daily repair and i dont want to go back to acrylic cause the acetone makes them look awful. any ideas why i keep cracking my overlay? if i had applied tips they wouldnt crack.
maybe you have applied them a bit too thin. that can be a tendency with gel especially if you use a paint on style.
build a good vertical apex so your natural nails cant bend around too much and break the gel, that should sort things out for you.

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