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Feb 10, 2004
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cleveland, UK
Is there anyone out there that can paint the cartoon characters, like winnie-the-pooh, tigger, etc etc onto nails?

If there is, would you mind giving me a few tips on how to do it,please? I know i need to use a very fine brush,but i just don't know where to start!

Do you paint the black outline first, or do you do the colours first?

Other than that, does anyone know of any websites that features them, and might lay out the steps?

Hi mandy-moo :D

I've done a Piglet nail before, as well as a Harry Potter nail - see the attachments.

To do it, or any other cartoon characters, I paint the main shape of the character in white acrylic paint. Then I apply coloured paint over this white (the white not only acts as a guide but blocks out the colour frm the base coat varnish you *might* use before you start your character)

I then add black outlining and do all the detailing in black. I use a fine brush and slightly water down black acrylic paint when doing the outline and detail.

It helps if you have a picture of the character to copy and use as a guide. Seperate each feature - ie head, body etc and work on each bit at a time.

This site - - has some brilliant cartoon work floating around on it, if it's any help.

Hope i've helped in some way



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hi laystar

Thanks for helping me out....i didnt really find that site much help...i think they're all airbrushed deigns, and there's no step-by-step.

Can i be really cheeky, and ask, when you get the time, if you would be so kind as to 'paint' a series of nails, to show the steps you do? I've looked on your site loads of times and i love the work you do.Do you use a really fine brush, with just a few hairs in it?


When I have time I will ;)

I use a fine brush but not THAT fine, it has plenty of bristles in lol, all it says on the brush is 5/0..if that states the size or not - i have nooo idea!!

I do use a VERY fine brush too sometimes, fab fab fab for extreme detail!! It always helps to have a variety of brush sizes, and find which ones you can handle better.


layla - that site was incredible! I loved what she did with the shells. Thanks for the tip!!
Thanx for that site Lesley. They still make it look so easy, though, don't they?!

I'm gonna give it a go on Tuesday when i get back to work, if i can make my hand steady enough!!

Have a Happy Easter !!
Sawasdee ka have many cartoon on nails in gallerys i can not remember what number gallerys i will look for you later .

I see some body in Bangkok painting cartoons she draw the cartoon on the nail first pensil and use fine nail art brush size 0 for the nail art acrylic paint when she finish you could not see the pencil and it was very very good nail art cartoons .

Mui from Thailand
Thanks Mui.

I'm going to have a look at that site now, and i think that's a brilliant idea to draw the cartoon in pencil first.

One of my main problems is keeping my hand very steady and still !! How do you manage to do such detailed work on your nails? I've seen your website, and some of the nails are so detailed, it's not fair....I want to be able to do them like that as well !! Any advice for me ?
Thanks ,
wow.... drwaing it in pencil first IS brilliant.

mandy, hmm let me think of some tips

well of course this depends on what you are making, but when coloring in for example. rather than try to get it all in once do it in smaller sweeps. that way you have more control and less of a chance of getting color where you dont want it. also like someone mentioned, getting all kinds of brushes and seeing which one you are best with. sometimes when making thin, straight lines, ill put the brush on my nail and move my finger that im painting, rather than move the hand with the brush. thats also how i do my french tips (i dont do acrylic, so i just drwa the tip with polish). rather than move my hand i put it on the side, then turn my finger till i hit the midle. then do the otherside. thats how i get them so "perfect" as my friends say

just some ideas!
This site - - has some brilliant cartoon work floating around on it, if it's any help.

Hope i've helped in some way


i cant believe the quality of the work on this site, it is
absolutely amazing. it makes me feel like i might as well not
bother ! then my 4 year old daughter said dont worry mum
just need to practice. hmmm watch this space, come back
in ten years or so ! i am sick with envy.
:green: :green: :green: :green: :green: :green: :green: :green:
Oh my god! i love the dior nail! how did you get the lines so fine?? and your playboy bunny is great, mine still look very deformed!!
hi i have some cartoons - winnie, eeyore,pooh,piglet and tigger plus hello kitty, paul frank monkey so pm me if you want insructions and photo's


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Hi Mand

Just read your thread on cartoon characters. Dont know if you have it but the Encyclopaedia for Nails as a step by step guide freehand of a Tigger which would give you an idea of where to start. Also the book by the same people called Nail Artistry has even more stuff. If you dont have the book, i'm prepared to scan in the page on tigger and send it to you. Send me a PM if you want me to do that for you.

Carole xx
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