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Jan 28, 2004
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west wickham, kent
Hi all,

I am doing a pampering party for a client tonight, and thought it would be good to include paraffin wax treatment. I bought a heater from Sally's but it does'nt seem right. It's only got an on/off button, no temperature setting, and the wax feels too hot to dip into. It's too late now to buy a different one so I am stuck with it.

Has any1 got any ideas how I can use this? Should I melt the wax, then wait for it to cool a little, or get the ladies to try a little as everyone's got different levels of tolerance? But I don't want to burn any1.
Are all heaters the same?

I would appreciate any help or suggestions.

Thanks in advance
Good luck tonight.

I would melt the wax and then turn off ad let it cool. You can test the wax on the outside of your hand (not your palm) as this is more heat sensitive.

Have your cling film layed out place clients moisturised hands over and brush on wax ( check heat is OK) to entire hand and nails, turn hand and repeat. Wrap cling film around hand wrap in towel. Continue with other hand. Leave for about five minutes peal off wax.

Hope this helps
Love Karen
Hmm, bit of a problem there. Just get yourself a thermometer and make sure the temperature is between 50 - 53 oC. This is the temperature that is stated on my parafin waxer. If this proves a bit of a problem, send your machine back to sally's for a refund, and get yourself a GIGI parafin waxer from either Grafton International or alternatively Ellisons. Only £85 worth every penny.

Take it easy
I got a wax heater quite similar to this, with no heating settings. This is what i do, i heat up the wax, get myself a little plastic bowl covered with a layer of cling film, then i test it on the inside of my arm, where it is quite sensitive. Then i dispense the wax into the little bowl, where it does lose its heat fairly rapidly, so refill for hand number two. This works ok for me and i have had no problems, then when you have finished just scoop up the clingfilm with any remaining wax and bin it, so less mess too!.
Hey presto!
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