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Mar 25, 2009
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The North
Hi Geeks,

I have a new client wanting eyelash and eyebrow tinting. I always do a patch test, but this client lives some distance from me and I dont want to do the trip twice. Would you recommend I go ahead and get her to sign the disclaimer to say she did not have patch test or should I not go ahead.

why not let her know you have to do patch test and ask her would she like any other treatments while you there?

if something went wrong you would really regret not doing patch test.

if you mobile this is something you should now plan ahead for in the future as in if same situation arises how will you deal with it/whats the approach.

Thanks Clare. She is having her nails done too. I will ring her tonight. She rang late last night and caught me off guard.

Thanks for replying!

Disclaimers don't stand up in court apparently. Also youmay find that you invalidate your insurance by not patch testing.

You risk losing everything , your reputation , your business and thousands of
pounds so potentially , your home, car everything by not patch testing .

Is it really worth it?

Not trying to put the willies up u or trying to be harsh. Just being honest. Not performing a patch test is dangerous also to the client , and she will sue your botty off you if she suffers a reaction, or In the worse case scenario she could even suffer permanent damage.

Please please please don't ever not patch anyone ... It's not worth all you have worked so hard for .

All this has been said with love and I hope u don't take it the wrong way.
I had a client on the phone today wanting a eyelash tint eyebrow tint and wax, she hadnt had a patch test and i wouldnt do it. I explained whatt could happen but like usual they go on and on saying that they have had it before, its better to be safe than sorry like the post before! I was disappointed that i needed to turn her away but i was happy that i did because no way would i have a leg to stand on if she had a reaction

Nooooooo never tint without test first, some clients will say oh the test doesn't matter, but if they had a major reaction, your to blame :) x
Disclaimers dnt stand up in court so do the patch test. It's not worth the risk x
I had some semi permanent make up done the other week, the lady sent me some of the pigment in a tiny pot and a plaster so I could put it on the skin myself and see if there was any reaction.

Of course this relies on the fact that the client actually does what you ask them!
I believe that asking the client to perform their own patch test is also not accepted by many insurers. certainly not ours and so best to check yours if this was something you wanted to consider.

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