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Aug 2, 2010
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Hi geeks. I'm having a bit of an issue at the moment deciding on weather to get a pdq machine for a new salon we are opening in the autumn.
My business partner thinks its not worth it and we shouldn't be wasting money as most of them charge a flat fee of 3%. I however think in these times its just plain silly to have a cash only policy, I don't know if its professional. I couldn't imagine asking someone to pop to the cash machine because they forgot cash!! I did point out not everyone will pay on card but we would need one for convenience to our customers!

What are your thoughts on this? Do most of you who have salons have pdq's?

Many thanks!!!
If your opening a Salon, one word - essential!!

You will generate much more then the rental cost and transaction charges. If going to a high street shop / salon it is expected now days.

Also, don't forget with a terminal the customer has access to a lot more spending money. They can just buy that extra retail product or treatment addition. So you can increase how much money a customer spends.

If opening a salon for me joining the Federation of Small Businesses is essential! Give them a call and talk to your local area manager to find out more. Also you will get a good deal on a card terminal through them.

you would be mad not to!!!

If you join the Federation of Small Businesses you get a discounted rate from 123 send who do your machine and they also have good rates which to tell you the truth are so small you won't notice them. I think for every £1000 they charge you £11, see nothing scary!

In this day and age people hardly ever use cash and if they can stick it on a credit card then they tend to spend more as it doesn't seem like "real money"

do it, you won't regret it!!!:)
really is essential i opened my salon 16 week ago without one and on the second week i searched for the best deal for me, my average spend per client has risen because i now have a chip and pin machine, the clients will have other treatments at the salon while they are there because they don't have to worry about having the cash. IMO it is an absolute must. Good Luck
It's complete madness not to - most clients pay by card as very few people carry cash about nowdays, and even fewer carry cheque books (plus you normally have to pay a fee for paying in cash & cheques with business accounts anyway). That aside, if you retail people are more likely to impulse buy with a card machine than with cash, so it increases revenue anyway.
It's a must in my opinion! Although I don't have a salon, so I can only speak as a consumer, These days I just avoid going into shops that don't take cards.

Unless it's for something specific, I just don't really use cash anymore apart from a bit of change.

Thanks everyone for their comments. I have shown them to my partner aka my stubborn mother :) and she has agreed from this that we need one. So thank you all very much!!
Also, consider accepting Amex and Diners as well as the others. I have loads of yummy mummies who love the fact that I take Amex as they build up their air miles.
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That reminds me Lynne ... I need to talk to Streamline about adding Amex. A lot of clients and friends use it a lot now.
So then, what about a mobile tech?? What to you suggest? This has been buzzing about in my head but seeing as it has been raised here maybe you can help?

Claire :)
You can get mobile card payment machines from lots of suppliers. They work just like a mobile phone. Again, if you're an FSB member you can get one at a reduced rate from 123send 123 Send : Welcome
ooo fab thanks lyn :)
sorry lynne, I hate when people spell my name wrong :hug:
Is 123 the best one to go for? Do you need a phone line for this? As I use a mobile for my business.
123Send uses mobile phone technology, not a land line.
I'm sure there are more suppliers - google will help!
don't open without a credit card machine - i take more than 50% of my takings by credit card. This means less trips to the bank lodging cash too...!:)

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