pedicure chair when mobile - is it practical?


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Sep 14, 2006
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Hi, can anyone tell me if these use a pedicure chair when mobile? If so, how practical is it or it it more hassle than its worth carrying it about?
I know they are costly, but im looking at getting some possible funding, but only want to apply for the things that will be good for business (not the things that you always want but then regret! lol)
I take a massage couch and a stool for me, but I do a range of other treatments too.

I would say working with the clients foot on your lap is very tiring on the back.

Hi, i am mobile and bought a pedicure stool with a foot rest, i never use it! it isnt very mobile and needs to have the foot rest removed when i put it in the car, i also find that it makes my posture worse, but i have heard a lot of people prefer them! At the moment i use a small stool and work with the foot on my lap, but it does make my neck stiff, i have a couch which i havent used yet because no one has the room for it! So i am a bit like you looking for ideal solution , the lafuma reflexology chairs look good they recline right back , are quite light and you can get a little stool to sit on , but they are pricey! Lafuma recliners, chairs and products in the UK
I use a puff/ bean bag, I had a pedicure stool but never worked that well for puff /bean bag has towel covers with a nail picture on, I take them off and wash them, also have matching on my wheat bags, like a bean bag cover, my good old mum made them for me, but they look great:) go mums!!!!!!!

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