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Apr 25, 2004
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Does anyone have any advice on how to treat peeling weak nails. Since i started my manciure course it seems my nails condition has got worse. I use moisturiser many times a day. Rarely use varnish remover. What products or treatments can anyone recommend to me? :)
Your peeling woes may be caused from over buffing the nail plate or being in too many solvents (even tap water qualifies for this).
You need lots o cuticle oil that is designed to penetrate into the plate. Also make sure you are not over using any nail strengtheners.

Good luck ;)
Thanks for that. I havent actually used and strengtheners. I have read and been advised to use Jessicas Fusion. Has you/anyone used this? Or is there any other prodocts or advice?

Has anyone successfully treated a client or there own nails which are peeling and weak?
Cant comment on Jessica as I havent used them, give them a buzz and they will help you make the correct choice.

The problem is that weak nails need strength and peeling is usually a sign of dehydration (sometimes caused by excessive natural nail strengthener usage).
Regardless of the key problem... regular oil treatment will sort out the peeling.

Good luck
there is only one thing IMHO that will help and know what I'm going to say don't you.... but I won't...I will let others give their opinions first!!!
Why compromise ?
What is Solar Oil? Where can i get it?
Solar oil a mix of fine oils, full of goodness............Oh and the smell yummy, Danish swirl, Battenburg Cake................
Oh god I sound like a TV..........
Designer Nails Leeds 01132755719 give em a ring............
Just to put a neutral slant on it, I LOVE "Nail Radiance" from Backscratchers. Also Qtica's Cuticle Repair Formula (also known as Little Pot of Magic!) - both fab and available from SuperNail.

G. xx
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