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Kim Lawless

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Apr 17, 2003
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I'm thinking about doing the training in Permanent Lashes and I'd like your opinions please.

Who makes the best quality lashes?

What's the profit margin?

Is it essential to have training?

Is there much call for it?

Thanks. xxx
pm from 3 names?
Hi, I would be interested to know this as well.

I spoke to one therapist, and she told me that these lashes do not stay on for very long i.e few days not weeks. Another one said, that within a week, her client had lost nearly all her lashes, and so she gave her, her money back. And it can take an hour or so to put a full set on.

It would be wonderfull if they did stay on for the 3months, but the kits cost quiet abit, and I think you charge about 80.00 depending on where your based, and for them to fall off within a week. You might as well use the cheaper lashes and call them "party lashes" and clients are aware they have a short life.

Please let me know if you try them out, and if they do stay on for a long time.

Hi there,

I done the eyelash training with nouveau lashes at manchester nsi, the people i have done they have lasted 2 weeks and then they come in and get infills, one of my clients have had them on for 6weeks now. I have been charging £40 but explained i cannot guarantee my work as i feel im still training and getting my confidence. Im now putting them upto £50 but hopefully in the next 2 months ill be up to full price, and i want to beable to guarantee my work, so if any fall out in the first week i will replace them free of charge. They are very figity and take my and 1hr 1/2 to 2hrs to do but they do look good. I would do research before.

I know a girl who done them and she got the kit and a video, but she has stopped doing them as they werent lasting and hated doing them!! SO i think the hands on with tutor is a must for training.

Ive not really made anything but i want to be good at it and it should pay off hopefully by christmas i will be raring to go!!!!

Hope ive helped

Good luck
Thanks for your replies. I've made my mind up and I'm not doing it. Sounds like another money making idea for trainers.
Hi - I got my eyelashs extended about 2 months ago and they lasted nearly 5 weeks! It took my beautician just over 1 hour to complete and she told me not to use any oil based removers. They were great looking and feeling but unfortunately I don't think i could afford £75 each time to get them done, nice as they are.
Hi there, I did my course in glasgow and I'v had mine on for over 2 weeks now and love them, I'm mobile and charge £48, and it takes up to 2hrs to do, can I ask Dee what she chargin for infills? X Roma
Has anyone tried Hollywood lashes I was thinking of getting them in at the salon!

I am going to have them put on at GMEX to see how long they last me before I make up my mind for deff ! As the last thing I want is clients going roung saying there not happy with a service I provide :eek: x (Its a small town were I live LOL x x x

I have been doing the semi permanent eyelashes since October last year.

i charge £80 for a full set and £15 or £25 for infills depending on how long they take.

It realistically takes around 2 - 2.5 hours to put on a full set of these, the more you get on, the better they will last.

If you were going to have them as a one-off treatment i would say they would last around 3weeks. I normally get clients to come every two weeks (at which point they are getting more sparse) for a top up, which is similar price/idea to getting nail extentions infills.

I have had a few clients who have had them on for around 5-6 months as they just keep getting them topped up.

It is a good way of income as they are booked in for regular appointments. I have around 15 clients that have got them on all of the time and a lot of people booked in for christmas. Once someone has them done, their friends see the results and instantly want them done too.

I think you should look into it as it has been worthwhile for me. I would say its a good time to do now as would go down really well at christmas time. It took me around 1 month to get up to speed and get used to holding tweezers in both hands but its worth it.

Hope this helps:)
I wondered about doing this until i realised that eyelashes are constantly falling out and being renewed and so this could lead to some clients having big losses quite quickly and looking odd:lol:. Then coming back to complain as they are supposed to last for 3 months!;)

Decided I couldn't be doing with all that!!!!
nothing is permanent, (THEY ARE ATTACHED TO EXISTING LASHES WHICH RENEW THEMSELVES EVERY 6 WEEKS APPROX) the lashes will last for approx 6 weeks, but many will fall out before then, you can't put your face under the shower, you can't dive into the surf (they get easily tangled), many of my clients that have had them hate them and feel they have been ripped off and promised something that doesn't last ....... only my and my clients opinion. As far as sincerity of treatment service "permanent eylashes are right up there with Hopi Ear Candling"
True honesty in what you are offering (including longevity are paramount), not the crap that suppliers want you to peddle.
Hi there, can i ask Faye, when doing infill procedure do you remove ones before putting on more, and if you, do i take it you just use the remover in your kit, i love these and so do my clients although i tell them the realistic facts that you have to look after them, x Roma and
my friend did the hollywood lashes course and has applied a set on me which lasted over a month before i took them out. There were a few that came out after 2 weeks, but only about 5 or 6 on each side, so not enough to notice unless you knew what to look for!
Ive been looking at doing training with them, either later this year or early next year. Think its £150 for the training but kits are extra.

Hollywood Lashes
I just remove any loose ones that are ready to fall out (if glue has loosen due to makeup wearing etc), they come off easily (almost peel off) with tweezers, and then apply the new ones. I suppose you could use remover but i think it leaves a residue so new ones wouldnt stick as well

I only use the remover if i was taking a whole set off.

Faye x
I do Hollywood lashes in my salon and I would advise you to def get them in. I made my money back in 2 weeks (they cost me about£500) All clients seem to like them but most people have them as a one off.

In the begining I did have a few people loose them quickly but now I state:
There is no guantee how long these lashes will last, its down to how you look after them. No oil products around the eye and a waterbased mascara - hollywood lashes do a good one.

You should get it in its very popular and you will def make your money back quickly.
Hi Roma,

I charge between £15 - £20 for infill.


Hi , can i ask Dee how long you normally take for an infill, is it usually an hour or longer? X Roma

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