Pictures of "rubby slippers"....???


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Nov 30, 2003
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I'd like to practice "ruby slippers" is there some pics available? I learn better from a visual source. D wink
There is a step by step (done by me) in the November issue of Nails (UK) magazine.

It shows in 10 easy steps HOW TO. Page 40 and 41. The hands are Mrs. Geeks. Hope you like it.
Can't find the article Geeg, I went on the Nails mag website, used the search article engine and nothing shows up. Do you have a link for the article? I don't have a suscription with Nails yet.

Here is the mix..........
Brewed by Caroline ............
you will need :
mix 5 scoops red mosaic 1 scoop black mosaic and 1 and a half red glitter
the scoop, use the scoop that comes with the mosaics powder.....

Then to apply, use it the same way as for the white for your french might have to adjust your ratio a little....apply clear over the tips also, as when it comes to buffing, the ruby might turn silver.........
The Geek has a great tutorial on smile lines...use that as your visual aid......

But you can play like mad with different coloours and glitters, not just red..anything goes here in the nail world.........
Thanks for the article Ruth, it shows it pretty much in detail. One thing though, how are "ruby slippers" done without nail enhancement? I imagine it can be done on natural nails?
Can't see why you couldn't do it on a natural nail, but bearing in mind........
for this, the nail will have to have a decend length or you will end up with pointed stubbs.......
not very flattering...............

If you do a search on the geek site and type in ruby slippers, you will find loads and loads of post, covering the whole subject.......
Here is a visual aid..............
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