Pilot gel pens?


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Nails By Collette

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May 25, 2003
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hi everyone :)

just curious of these gel pens people are using for nail art. How long do they last and what do you use over them just top coat or gel???? Is there any disadvantages with them?

Would love to hear your opinions on them

Hi Collette,

Do you mean the gel pens that you write with!?!
I have never heard of anyone using these for nail art would love to hear peoples views on them i will give them a go and let you know. Also whilst on the subject does anyone use pencils to outline a design on other nail art sites i have read about this any opinions anyone?

Lou xxx :D
Hi Collette, yes, a lot of techs use the pens for nail art. You would use them before you apply your top coat! Happy painting!
Hi Ange,
Do you have any piccies to send us of the art done with gel pens its hard to imagine what they would turn out like!

Do you ever use a pencil to do your work first if so what type?

Lou xxx :D
Hi girls and guys,
Gel pens are fab to do brill art work with. I have been using them for yonks.Just use any colour varnish as a base, or acrylic paint and then paint with gel pens and then seal with a normal top coat. I find that the quick drying ones, smudge the gels a bit.
Here are some piccies:
Happy painting
love Ruth xxx

thanks for the help peeps and esp. thanks for the piccies ruth :0) im off to buy some first thing tomorrow!

hi there, can you tell me who stocks these gel pens?

You can get the pens from any stationary shop, supermarket etc... places like Woolworths sell them they are just normal writing gel pens i think they are called pilot. Hope this is of help to you!!!

Lou xxx :D
hi all

well i went out today and bought a pilot gel pen to try out. I drew on a painted tip a flower in black and left it for 10 mins to dry. When i went to top coat it though i just placed my finger across the nail to make sure it was dry and it wasnt at all it swiped my whole flower off! :(

any tips anyone on what i did wrong??

Well Hun,
Once I have painted the design ,I just let it dry for a little while.
Don't go over the design with your fingers it will rub off, it's not like acrylic paint.,don't forget you have natural oils in you fingertips, so as they say ...finger off......top coat on lol
Just paint over the design with a normal top-coat. Quick drying ones can smudge the design too.
Lightly go over the design, don't press the brush to hard, just sort of hoover it over the design.
Then stand back and admire your stuff lol
hope this helps
Love Ruth xxx
hi ruth

thanks for your reply i will try again later on today fingers crossed it will work!!!

thanks again,
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