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nail novice

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Mar 10, 2003
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Do acrylic nails just "ping off"?

I am just starting out and the way my head is at the moment i am wondering if this was a good idea. (I know it is really!)

All i want to do is produce perfect nails, every time (i am not a perfectionist or anyting). Is that too much to ask?

All i keep hearing at the moment is "i was just getting into the car and it just pinged off", "I was making the bed and it just pinged off", "I woke up in the morning and one had pinged off". I never asked what she was actually doing, if you know what i mean.

If pinged is spelt with a double 'G' i apologise!

I am prepping and prepping.

Please, any advice is welcome (obviously none that is going to make me feel worse)
I do not know where you are from..but the american translation to ping is..."popped or flew" I believe.

I just looked down and it had popped/flew off!
I was doing laundry and it popped/flew off.
I wasn't doing anything and it popped/flew off.

Same thing world wide.

There is only so much you can do..can't be with them constantly to help them with their seatbelt, grocery bags, etc.
yep we have this here in the UK too.
the nail that just levitated of the finger, pinger
the nail that just came away, pinger
the nail, i wasn't doing anything, pinger

Like Christie Says, not much you can do, but it might be an idea to ask the client to bring the little pinger in. Tell them you would like to see if it's a product, application or other fault. I always tell all my clients. dont use the nails as a tool, use your knuckles for pushing button, and dont use them to retrieve items out of difficult places. like the stuck video tape.
And also dont try to remove staples with them, use that little gadget some clever man invented to remove them.
The nail extension has , contary to believe by most clients, a breaking point, if it didn't , they wouldn't have a pinger but a sore finger
so take heart, it happens to all of us at some point or other.

Lots of love Ruth xx ;) xx
Have a look at the natural nail plate of the offending nail. If you see damage the nail was most likely pryed off with some force, if the natural nail plate is smooth, the nail may have pinged/popped/whatever off.
Ahhh yes...the dreaded pinging nails. I have had a few of those myself.
#1 Make sure you are prepping properly. I cannot stress the importance of getting ALL the cuticle and shine off the nail. If your system calls for primer make sure you are using it.
#2 As everyone here will tell you..clients like to make it seem like it is OUR fault if they break a nail by *chewing on it during a scary movie*using it to clean grout out of their bathtub*snagging it on the car door..grocery buggy...Etc etc etc.. :arg: . you get the drift.

I am about as rough on nails as anyone can be and I rarely break one. I use the same products on myself as I use on my clients, so I know how hard they are to break, so the next time a client tells me she woke up and it was off I give her my "one raised eyebrow "look and just say Uh huh....
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