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Apr 26, 2003
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hi ya all
i did my sister a set of nails last nite, as as soon as i put the pink on it was hardening really i didnt have long at all to work with it so i had to keep applying more which made some of them end up looking thick and really pink...any tips anyone? Vicky
Hi Vicky,

this will be due to the heat causing the monomer to evaporate too quickly. You need to be working a bit wetter in this heat. There have been a couple of threads about this recently - check back - sorry I dont know how to do the linking thing on here LOL.

Gigi had a thread about working in the heat so look for it.

Hope this helps.
Hi Nailtiqe,
I just had a thread going with Ruth. She recommended going medium wet ratio in the heat.
I also did a set on my sister last thursday and was working dry. Now they are lifting and the white tips are breaking of :shock:

What a nightmare.

Hope yours are better than mine. I'm new to acrylic though, so I expect your will be !

Sorry I'm not sure of thread linking either but I posted it under 'Sculpting Nightmare'

Good luck
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