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Feb 12, 2012
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Earith, Cambs

I'm looking to buy some normal nail varnish polish, i currently do quite a bit of shellac, but need somoe normal varnish to as I offer manicures, pedicures & princess parties

I tried an 'Edge' polish, but didn't get on with it, so purchased 12 China Glaze varnishes as the couple I had tried seen to go on well, but then when I tried the others, they didn't seem to go on as well, and I wasn't 100% happy with the finish. I want to be happy with the finish

I was thinking of getting the CND polish due to using shellac, but I would like thoughts and opinions before I spend anymore money which could end up being a waste

Thanks Geeks x
I'm sure everyone has their favourites, but mine personally is OPI :) their colours are brill xxx
I also live OPI, their colours are lovely and go on really realy nice. But it is a personal preference. xx
i also like Opi, and Nubar. But am also considering using CND xx
Love ciate and cnd, I can't get on with opi personally
Yeah nubar and CND are good! I had opi also but didn't really like them.. Guess its just a personal choice for everyone :) x
totally agree with the majority.... OPI have never disappointed me. their colours go on strong and the colour is how it looks on the bottle if you know what I mean. they last ages too....... hth
I love OPI and CND. Both are amazing!!
I mainly use CND colour and effects as I love that you just have so much choice. But I do like OPI too as their brushes are so nice to polish with!
I'm living opi always used them, and have a few china glaze and essie but definately opi!! Fab colours - nicki minaj pink Friday and fly aswell as the holland collection are very popular!!!
I love CND colour and effects, they are very reasonably priced go on beautifully and last for ages, i started out with OPI but didn't get on as well with it although they do have some lovely colours:D
I love opi great selection of colours,great brush all my clients love it aswell I would never change now xx
I love opi colours but they just don't stay on for me! They seem to chip very quickly.
I love Jessica, I find they Go on well and stay on too.
OPI - fantastic colours and stay on brillliantly (except on really weak nails which tbh no polish is going to stay on for long)

OPI have a good reputation amongst professionals and clients, the colour names are a talking point, and most importantly the brushes are a dream, always just the right shape and nice and even for a neat application round the cuticles.
If you love Shellac go with CND for polish too. On the Full Colour Line - CND website you will find a pdf you can download to layer polish to match Shellac colours. Great for retail too :)
OPI for me too. Plus most wholesalers seem to sell them so easy to get hold of.
Opi for me also
Orly for me :) great range of colours, go on beautifully and they compliment my gel nail polish range Orly Gel FX beautifully :)
I SO wanted to get on with OPI but whenever I wore it myself - within the day it would chip or peel :-( And I didn't feel I could use a polish on clients I won't use myself.
I have to say OPI too! Best seasonal shades and my clients love the designer polish selection that they do :)
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How experienced are you at nail polish application my darling? I have used both these brands along with OPI, CND, SpaRitual and lots more and didn't really have a problem with them.

What I am trying to say is that if you are not very experienced I would persevere for a while rather than buying any more just in case it is your application rather than the nail polishes themselves.

My favourites are OPI, China Glaze, SpaRitual and Essie.:D

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