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Mar 16, 2010
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I am in a right pickle! I am currently working in a spa so obviously whilst I am working for them, I am insured by them.

however, I am looking for insurance for when I do friends and family and home or for if I go to anybodies house to do treatments for example, i have been asked to wax two mens chests at a charity event next month.

I just do beauty treatments, so nothing specialist. I have been doing some research on different website like BABTAC, salon gold etc but none of the information really makes sence. it keeps going on about freelance, salon contents etc and i dont understand it. sorry if i am being thick. i just need to know exactly which type of insurance I need, as i do not want to get it wrong. and also if anybody could give me a list of beauty insurers that i could have a look at would be fab!

thanks everybody! :)
Hi, insurance cover is pretty simple,follow this link;

Professional Beauty Direct | Insurance | Professional Beauty

and click to download an application form. Fill it in, tick the right boxes for what you need cover for (The basic cover should more than cover you), write them a cheque for the total, and send it to them...

Nothing more difficult than that, I've been using these guys for years and never had any problems. Obviously there are other companies that will cover you, but if you're struggling to find anything helpful then this might sort you out!
i use Salon Gold, you can apply for a quote online telling them your requirements. I am mobile so therefore have there freelance insurance.
This one is also very easy to do.
First of all, try and find out what insurance you have at the spa, as it may cover you to work anywhere.

Most insurers will offer you Public, Product and Treatment liability cover. This will cover you and the client during the treatment. Check with the insurance companies where they will cover you. For example, the Guild's insurance covers you to work at home, mobile and in a salon. If you want to, you can also take out cover for your stock and equipment. This isn't usually part of a standard policy, it is an added extra.

Ring round the companies you are interested in and they should be able to talk you through what their cover is. It may also help you to take a look at this article:

The Guild can offer you £2 million of Public, Product and Treatment liability cover, and if you quote Geek as a referral code when joining you will get a £10 discount. If you need any more information from us, call on 0845 2177 383 and one of our membership team will be happy to talk you through things.
Hi, as you work or want to work for yourself independent of the Salon, you are classed as Freelance and/ or a mobile beautician.

The Salon's policy will not extend to cover your activity as you are the beneficiary of the income and not the Salon.

Most Freelance policies cover you whilst renting a chair in a salon, working from home or providing services at your customer's homes.

You need Public Liability/ Treatment Risk insurance for injury/ reaction to the customer and damage to third party property. A policy excess will apply in respect of damage to third party property - usually £250 per claim; there is no excess on injury/ reaction. All policies offering cover will be subject to a treatment risk wording; this must be complied with or cover will not apply at the time of a loss or injury. The wording varies from insurer to insurer, however the common theme will be that you must adhere to the manufacturer's/ vendor's directions.

Our policy covers you for a Public Liability/ Treatment Risk indemnity limit of £3 million for an annual premium of £36.50 (on the proviso you have a minimum experience of 2 years or more).

Rather than offering cover noting a long list of treatments, our policy notes a short list stating what is not insured - 'Summary of Cover'.

In addition stock/ equipment can be added noting an additional premium of £49.50 for a £2,000 limit; increasing to an additional premium of £99.00 for a £5,000 limit. Uniquely, we also offer insurance for Money (up to £500) for an additional premium of £12.50.

All of the extensions (Stock/ equipment and Money) must be purchased at the same time as the Public Liability cover.

See our website and follow the link/s for more information and how to buy
Freelance Hair & Beauty Insurance

Good luck.

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