Polishing with pearly polishes


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May 25, 2003
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Ford City, PA USA
I need some tips on how to polish with the pearly polishes. I never get a smooth image, it always is streaky from the brush strokes. With flat polished, I never have a problem. I am to the point where I cringe when someone picks a pearly polish, especially a light one like white or pink.

Me too Rhonda I feel exactly the same way. I find some of the CND pearlized polishes are a challenge for that reason. It's one thing to buff out all the ridges to make sure the polish goes on nice and smoothly, but when it streaks like that you think 'why did I bother?'

Anybody...is there a trick to it that will give a flawless finish?
Hi girls,

scratchmyback wrote:
Anybody...is there a trick to it that will give a flawless finish?

Well maybe try a different Basecoat, with ridges, dont go to mad and try to buff them all out. Don't buff to much on a natural nail, it will thin the nailplate. You will end up with pink lines on the natural nail.Try applying the polish in a thicker coat.
Maybe try a basecoat with a ridge filler.

Hope this helps
love Ruth xxx
i find if i use a little more polish on my brush and ude more than three strokes this tends to help. make sure you dont over work it though, or it will mark

:( I have the same problem with pearly finishes :( good tip about the ridge filler luv this site its so helpful dianaxx
I'll try your suggestions and see if that helps.
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