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Dec 31, 2011
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Gosport, Hampshire
Hi I have my own small company doing hair extensions and lashes and was very hard in the beginning but it's doing great now. However a lady emailed me asking advice on where I get my hair supplies from. Reluctantly I told her even though she is based within 15mins of me. However now she is asking me more what to charge to make a profit and how much hair she would need for a full headers im beginning to think she isn't even qualified as surely she would of been given this info on her course? I'm tempted to ask her to return to her training provider but do u think it's rude and she may just need a little help along the way? I know it's hard starting up but surely it's pretty stupid to ask your direct competition? Lolx
Oh my god the cheek of it!

Tell her to buzz off, there's lots of have-a-go Joes like her who will try to steal your clients with those ridiculous £90 full head offers. I wouldn't have even told her my supplier tbh.
If she has had appropriate training there is no way she would need to ask this
At first I was polite but put off tellig her as she is so close by. And now she started askin me "how much should I be charging so I make a profit?" and was quite direct saying "text me!!" which I didn't, then she hounded me on fb and put comments on my status lol. Surely any person would realise she is too close competition to ask me lol
I have tons of people asking what my procurement list is, you know what i said.

Its taken me years to build up my contacts and train really hard to get all my certs, i find it extermley cheeky that you've asked me where i get all my stuff from, if your a pro then you know....ie find it yourself love.

Im surprised you caved in like that, this is how nobhead cowboys start risking people. Learn to say no, no matter how helpful you wana be, shes gona risk the intergrety of your buisness to end up saying you've advised her and that sh may have worked under your wing. Reputation is everything. xoxo
How rude!

I've read this thread twice now and still can't bring myself to come up with a polite reply!

The cheeky moo.
Yep I agree,think I'll just tell her to refer to her training provider- just wasn't sure if it was just me being offended. Like you say I've worked hard, payed lots of money and trial and error with suppliers etc your right I wouldn't want her saying she was advised by me to buy certain hair when I don't know what hair she is using. Very true, thanks geeks xx
I had a girl do the same to me, sending me messages, emails, etc. saying her sister was a hairdresser and she wants to know.

I got so fed up I ended up ranting about how she would no of she was trained and that hair extensions are separate to hairdresser Etc etc.

Made me do angry id never be that cheeky, even when I get mine done i dont say I'm a technician as people will think I'm snooping which I'm not!

Just tell her to find her own way and stop relying on others to do the work for her! It's pathetic! :) xxx
It is not rude of you not to give her information but unfortunately there are plenty of people around that are quite happy to put you in this situation.

I would just politely, next time she asks anything of that nature say something like

" I am sorry but I am unable divulge business details such as this . Your best source of reference would be your training provider and/or the Small Business services. I am sure they will be able to help you "

If she still comes back to you just say " I am sorry i cannot help you " . Don't get into drawn out discussions about WHY you will not give her the information.

She may well be trained and just lazy or she may be untrained and just a chancer . Either way you are not at liberty to give her any information
I use "insert professional-only product here" but, to be honest, there are so many different suppliers and products and what works for me mightn't be what floats your boat so you're always best to have a little look around and see what your favourite is - that's the fun bit! :D

As for costs, its not as difficult as you might think - when you find your product, the distributors will be able to help re costs per treatment, then you need to add in an allowance for insurance, petrol, utilities, tax, national Insurance, card rates, advertising, sundries, music licensing, etc... when you've added that all up, you can add a bit to pay yourself.

I hope that helps,
Your name.
I have to ask why on earth you are trying to appease this person??
Is she a paying client of yours?
Will she help your business?
Will offering her the information you paid time and money to get, help you pr your business?
Then why are you feeling bad??!?!?!?
I know youre just trying to be nice and helpful, but honestly, would YOU do this to anyone else in your area?
Bloody cheeky if you ask me. As said, just explain you cannot divulge this information and she should contact her training provider (if she even HAD training)
You could say something along the lines of this -

'If I reveal my hard-earned information to you I will then have to kill you lol.

Sorry, have a nice day',

Jacqui xx
Lol thanks, no its ok I get it lol. Thanks all
I had a ' client ' in for eyelash extensions in a few weeks back, she was thinking of opening a salon in the next town.

She asked me where do I get my lashes from,, I said my training provider!:biggrin:
Lol that's a good answer! X

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