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Jan 7, 2010
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How does everyone do a french finish with PopIts? I have only recently started using PopIts and there seems to be a million ways to use them?

Apply white L&P in PopIt
Use a white tip
Apply Brisa white paint after PopIt
Apply shellac after PopIt
Apply polish after PopIt

Does anyone have any advice or good/bad experiences with the above options?
Hi DinkyPinky!

How did you get on with trying these different techniques??

Ive been wondering the same thing as im starting to try out PopIts. I found this from Geeg:

I normally do not do smiles with white powder when using PopIts. I have two methods of doing the whites and both are simple and FAST which is the whole reason for using PopIts in the first place. If you don't use them with the fastest methods then there is no point in using them at all.

One method is to use a white tip and a one colour overlay .. 30-40 minute full set.

Another method is to use a custom colour opaque powder and then paint on a French Manicure.
Both look beautiful .. both last for the client.

If you really want to use white in the PopIt, then you need to mark the PopIt so that your smiles end up in the right place.

But I am wondering about forever french L&P which is what most people want (local to me at least). Would you rebalance as normal or rebalance with less L&P in PopIt and repaint on smile line. I know people on here do both but im yet to have a proper go. Have you tried either way?? :green: x
I absolutely love Popits!! On myself I have to extend my nail beds so I do one thin popit of opaque pink, then put Dashing Diva white tip overlays on and then do another thin Popit of clear and it looks lovely (pics in my DD album). Easier than trying to do a white smile line with white powder as I can NEVER get it in the right place and using white tips is a big no no for me as my nail beds are so short:cry:

I am going to try a French Shellac over the opaque popit next time. I have also used the pro cut trendy nail wrap sandwiched between the two layers too and this looks lovely and keeps it really neat and nice. I have also embedded gems between the layers and have the coloured Dashing Diva tips coming too and can't wait to try those :)

I am terrible for changing my nails and rarely leave them long enough to re-balance, usually remove and start again!! I would think though if you filed them down enough you could re-balance with a popit, I might leave them this time and try it - will report back!!:lol:
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OK so I left them for 10 days and have just infilled them using Popits and it worked just fine :) I filed them right down so they were nice and thin but avoiding going too thin over the DD white obviously. (I had no lifting as I used all Creative products :)) and they look good as new so it can be done!
I'm just about to try PopIts and just wondered if you have to take the shine off the extension before using shellace or DD, as the instructions I have for PopIts say that once the PopIt is removed the nail is perfectly formed and ultra shiney finish and good to go??

H x
Hi Heather I haven't used Shellac over Popits yet but I did lightly buff the area where the DD goes just to ensure it stuck ok. I just used a white block. HTH.
Thanks Kim

Will give it a try later.

H x

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