PopIts - how many times can you re-use them?


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Jul 15, 2010
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Iv just tried out my popits and must say im very impressed just wondered how many times you can reuse them before the shine comes off? I am really happy with the results, and how much easier not having to buff!!
I never re-use them except on myself. The client has paid for them in the service and then I throw them away. I only use about 5 PopIts for a whole full set; some of those 6 get used up to 4 times during the set an others once or twice. I NEVER RE USE ON OTHER CLIENTS WHO HAVE ALSO PAID FOR THEIR OWN POPITS for the set they are having. Every client deserves fresh product!!

So I might have 2 different PopIts for the thumbs, maybe 2 different sizes for the pinkies. Usually just one size PopIt will do for the index and ring fingers and one size for the middle fingers .. 6 in total.
I agree with Geeg. As sometimes you tailor the cuticle part of the PopIt to fit the individual.
I do reuse them on myself. On those I put a single dot after the 1st use, then on it's 2nd use another dot, when used a 3rd time on me it then goes in the bin.
Also it is nice for the client to see that you do throw them away when you have finished their nails. They go away knowing that you don't re-use PopIts on the next client.:)
Lotsa luv x x x :hug: x x x
thanks guys xx
Im new to this site so could you pleasetell me the best products to use in a popit. Im slightly confused.
Liquid & Powder is the easiest product to use in PopIts .. Gel is a bit more tricky but can be done and I have done it very successfully ... both 'how to's' are posted here on the site in the tutorial section of the forums.

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