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Nov 20, 2011
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surbiton surrey
i have been doing beauty for about six years now and i have stupidly made the mistake of not taking many photos of my work. does everyone have a portfolio? what do you put in there? i want to start making one but dont no where to start or what to do! sorry if that sounds silly!
I had a lovely little portfolio that I would show to clients it's was great, it was on my phone but one day I stupidly left my phone on my car roof and drove 5 miles down the road - end of phone & portfolio (no back up - silly me!).
Just starting to build another! I find my phone or iPad/iPod the best and easiest way as it's always to hand and easy to post pics online! Xx
so do you just takes pictures of everything you do? do you ask your clients if you can use the photos?
I take pics of most new hair put ups and new nail designs or colours. Part of my consultation form is also a photo release form stating of they allow me to take a picture I can use it any way I want to.

(my friend is a photographer so she lent me her form to copy and I just changed to fit my purpose)

I take one or two of most things! Clients are only too willing and even mail me a picture if I forget! X

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