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Oct 16, 2003
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Sidcup, Kent
Hello from Portugal! Just wanna say hi and that im so addicted to this site, i cant even escape on holiday!

Also to add that MMA petition is up to 167. I have sent press releases to all 3 mags so we will get some response from them i hope.

Does anyone do nails in Portugal????, could get some great business for you here!
From Rachel xx
Hi Rachael.

Having a deserved rest I hope.

Give my love to your mum and dad and any other family that you see.

Have fun. XXXX
I'm living and doing nails in Portugal!
my name is vickey and i´ve been doing nails for 7 years down here. Now i own my own nail business call Frenchy Nail Salon for 3 years.
Wow, i thought that nails were new in Portugal but not any more! Its really taking off!

Its great to hear that there are 3 geeks (any more? :?: ?) in Portugal. Hello to lcollins, Winky and Vicky73.

I have just got back from Sao Bras, (about 30 mins north of Faro) where my mum lives. Had a great time, shame about the rain. :( Spent a fortune in Jumbo (faro) but didnt get time for Loule market. Gutted.

Had many request for ladies wanting me to do their nails. I didnt have the time but its good to know that nails is taking off.

Would like to keep in touch with you all. :D

Love Chocolate
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