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Jun 19, 2010
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South Yorkshire
Hi because I'm mobile I have all my clients addresses since I started. Am I allowed to post some new flyers to them or is there some ruling against that?

No. Nothing to stop you sending newsletters etc out to them.
Oddly enough- theres not a lot of rules against you physically putting something through the letterbox. But if you post it to them using their postal address there are a few rules about data protection.

You might find this useful Direct Marketing and the Data Protection Act - Organisations - ICO

Basically- Persianista is mainly right, you can post it, but you must give them the option to be taken from the list. With Email marketing its different- they must have opted in first.

Theres a phrase on that site I mentioned, its common sense and it pretty much covers everything

"In summary, we recommend that your marketing campaigns are always permission-based and you explain clearly what a person's details will be used for. Provide a simple way for them to opt out of marketing messages and have a system in place for dealing with complaints."

If you follow that way of working- you can never end up in trouble- however rare it is.
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